Another great day out with the Montreal Impact

Montreal Impact Soccer Day on Saturday, October 25 drew out over 300 members of Guiding and their families from across the city. Despite the changeable weather and the eventual downpour during the game, the opening ceremony was dry and almost sunny (as you can see from the pictures).

33 girls formed part of the Honour Row and helped to cheer the players on to the field. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic as the Impact drew to a 1:1 finish despite a short overtime.

Before the game the PR booth had some fierce competitors trying to conquer its bean bag toss game, and a steady stream of prizes, Guiding information and Impact crests were given out.

Thanks to Patricia Tellis, Shannon Jackson, Zinovia Samonas and Mary-May Hubert for their help during the afternoon!

By Guest Blogger Diane Oki. Diane is a Provincial Public Relations Co-Chair and a Guider with the 2nd Cedar Park Guide Unit in Pointe-Claire. If you would like to contribute to our blog, please send us an email at

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Celebrating Aboriginal traditions while exploring a ‘Key to My Community’

On October 27, as part of the Key to My Community the 2nd Northwood Brownies got a special visit from Karonhienhawe, a Mohawk woman from Kanehsatake. She taught the girls about the Mohawk community and the roles that women play in it.

The girls also got to listen to some traditional instruments, including the Mohawk Water Drum and learned about how it represents the circle of life. As well, the girls were able to learn some traditional dances and songs, their favorite being the duck dance!

At the end, girls were able to see some Mohawk clothing, including a pair of leather moccasins.

A big thank you to Karonhienhawe br_com_aboriginalas well as the Red Urban Project for helping the girls earn their Aboriginal People in Canada badge!

(See more photos on the Red Urban Project Facebook page!)

By Guest Blogger Laura Litvack. Laura is Deputy District Commissioner for Northshore District and a Guider with the 2nd Northwood Brownies and 1st Ste Genevieve Pathfinders. If you have some photos or stories to share about what you’re doing with your unit or district, please send us an email at

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From lemons to lemonade to an extraordinary event!

“I challenge myself with the Guiding Law…”

As Guiders, we ask the girls “to do their best” and “challenge themselves” every day. Well, the planning team for the 2014 Provincial Fall Day Camp was challenged in ways we never could have imagined! Organizing an event for 400+ participants is a challenge in itself. The fact that the deadline for this event is five days before the actual event takes place adds another level to the challenge. But many of us on the planning team have done this for a few years now and we have accepted this challenge without any hesitation.

However this year’s event provided extra challenges we could not have foreseen—a break-in at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane ten days before the event and problems with the guidesquebec server that prevented us from receiving any patrol registration forms in the last few days before the deadline. Difficult challenges that we faced head on!

As most Quebec Guiding members know by now, the break in at Wa-Thik-Ane (the lemon) generated a lot of media attention (the lemonade) and resulted in an outpouring of generosity and concern for our beloved Camp Wa-Thik-Ane. Despite the additional challenges faced by the Fall Day Camp team, we felt an extra push to make this year’s Fall Day Camp the best one yet.

And judging by the increased numbers and the happy faces on the girls going home on the buses…   WE DID IT!

DSCF6444Click the image above for a video message from the campers to all Wa-Thik-Ane supporters! (

The 2014 Fall Day Camp was the largest one yet! The final number of participants was 419… travelling on nine school buses! The breakdown was as follows (girls and Guiders): 50 Spark participants; 130 Brownie participants, 200 Guide participants, 50 Pathfinder and Ranger participants.

IMG_2625-600Every year, the goal for the Fall Day Camp is for girls and Guiders to experience camping “Girl Guide-style” without sleeping over. Most sites focused on activities related to camp, e.g. camp skills, exploring nature and exploring the campgrounds. And even though it rained most of the day, most sites built fires and most of the girls were able to cook part or all of their lunch (including the requisite s’mores) on an open fire. Girl Guides ROCK!

Up on Algonquin, the Sparks came prepared for a rainy day with lots of smiles and chuckles along with their rain gear. For many of them this was a first time camp experience and they really rose to the occasion. The Sparks hiked, stalked, played and sang. They made new friends and acquired a few new camp and outdoor skills. Everyone went home exhausted but with stories to tell.

IMG_3204-600Brownies on Huron took part in a round robin of activities including a pitch/take down your tent relay, animal track scavenger hunt, “Camp oh no”, waterfront photo scavenger hunt, bedroll relay, first aid, a corners game and activity and crafts. After a short afternoon hike around camp, they ended the day with Rainbow tag.

On Iroquois/Montagnais, the Guides started their day with a wide game where they had to be very quiet and stalk animals (aka Guiders pretending to be specific animals) in the forest. Many of the “animals” were well hidden and it was a great challenge to find all 20 of them! In the afternoon, there was a round robin of activities for the Guides to choose from. IMG_3233-400The selection varied from making/testing fire starters, cooking bannock, learning knots, super camp gadgets, various nature activities and a scavenger hunt, charades, bug hunting and more.

Up on Cree, the theme of the Pathfinder/Ranger program was Survivor! After a scavenger hunt for their supplies, the girls completed a series of team challenges including building a tarp shelter over a fire pit to cook lunch, cooking lunch with only three matches, a First Aid challenge, building a raft for a small mascot, creating an outfit for a member of the team out of newspaper, a tribal arts challenge and more.

After a hearty supper, all sites gathered for a quick singsong/campfire and then we headed to the buses. The girls were all smiles, though a little bit soggy and muddy. From all reports, it was a quiet ride home as most girls (and maybe a Guider or two) slept all the way home.


For the most part, the girls were well prepared for the weather and so there were almost no complaints about the rain. All in all, an EXTRAORDINARY event!

The rain didn’t matter because I am having so much fun with all the other Brownies and leaders. I just love to be at Wa-Thik-Ane!     - a Brownie

All this rain just means we get more hot chocolate!         - a Guide

10557312_919724611385976_8052163820786845202_nThe next day was the Camp Closing. A dedicated group of Guiders stayed up at camp Saturday night and were joined on Sunday by more Guiders, friends and family to help close up camp for the winter.

Camp Wa-Thik-Ane… We love you and after this year’s Fall Day Camp, you have a whole new set of fans! Can’t wait to be back there in the spring!

The 2014 Fall Day Camp team would especially like to send out a HUGE thank you to the 60+ Unit Guiders who brought their girls to the Fall Day Camp this year. The start of the new Guiding year is a very hectic time with new girls, cookies arriving, etc. and we appreciate the extra challenge it is to get your patrols together in time. But without your hard work to encourage your girls to attend, we would not be able to have this EXTRAORDINARY event!

Click HERE to check out a full photo gallery of the day. Thank you to Guiders Diane O., Carol K., Lisa L., Sharon L. and Valerie Z. for contributing photos.

By Guest Blogger Patricia Tellis on behalf of the Fall Day Camp 2014 team. Patricia is Deputy Provincial Camp Adviser and a Guider with the 82nd Montreal Guiding Unit.

If you are interested in guest blogging or contributing stories and photos, please send us an email at

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Fall Gourmet Cooking Camp!

The weatherman was calling for a blustery rainy weekend but the Northern Lights Pathfinders had planned their fall gourmet cooking camp for the first weekend in October and a little wet weather was not going to dampen their spirits.


The girls arrived on Friday night ready for their outdoor cooking adventure. Saturday morning they built their box oven and although they looked a little skeptical about its performance potential they were game to give it a try. We talked about methods for outdoor cooking and the changes that would be necessary considering the pouring rain. We are Girl Guides, the ability to adapt was never in question. The fact that we had a kitchen shelter also helped.

By the end of the weekendIMG_1432x the 12 Pathfinders had cooked in a box oven, reflector oven, stove pipe (tin can stove), Coleman stoves, and buddy burners. They made things like; angels in a blanket, cinnamon rolls in oranges, stir fry, pancakes, chicken burgers, fruit pizza, hash browns and much more. The leaders were very impressed and the girls were very proud.

IMG_1464xFall camp can be a little stressful to plan. It is early in the year and there is so much going on but if you are able to put it together the benefits are numerous. It is a great bonding experience for the girls, many of whom are new to the unit. It is a great opportunity for the leaders to get to know the girls and for the girls to build skills and confidence that will serve them well.


IMG_1473xFor more information on organizing a fall camp I would recommend Heather Martin’s article in the Fall 2014 issue of Canadian Guider. It will definitely put you on the right track. Our unit had a blast at fall gourmet cooking camp and they are already planning their meals for the next one.









By Guest Blogger Joanne Millette. Joanne is a Guider with the 1st Northern Lights Pathfinder Unit and is also our Provincial Training Adviser. If you have some photos or stories to share about what you’re doing with your unit or district, please send us an email at

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Pointe-Claire District roll up their sleeves for their community shoreline clean-up

On Saturday, September 27, the Girl Guides from Pointe-Claire District took part in their community’s shoreline clean-up. They would like to thank Guider Carole Blais for her great job at organizing and coordinating the event. Here are a few words from Pointe-Claire Guider and District Commissioner Claire Morier about the day.

This is event spearheaded by the Vancouver Aquarium and the World Wildlife Association – they select shorelines across the country where groups can sign up to clean (  Our district only participates in the fall clean ups, but they have them year round.

We picked up many bags of trash and recycling, and even pulled out a desk, a chair and parts of a dock. Participants are divided into small groups and patrol one section of our designated area. Each group is provided with a data card for entering each and every piece of litter picked up. These data cards are used to provide a clearer picture of what is needed to continue to protect our environment.

Overall, everyone had a great time and was so was happy to contribute to maintaining and preserving the waterfront in our community.

Thank you to Pointe-Claire District Co-Commissioner Claire Morier for sending in this story and accompanying photos. We want to hear what’s going on in your district or unit! If you’d like to share with a blog entry, please send us an email at

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Mille-Îles Girl Guides join forces to give back to the community!

Girl Guides around Quebec and across Canada have been participating in the TD Tree Days program. Find out from this guest blogger what it meant to take part with her community on the shores of the Rivière des Mille-Îles:

Hello, my name is Catherine and I am a second year Pathfinder. On September 14, Guides, Sparks, Brownies, Pathfinders and many leaders planted trees. Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about you, JJ, you were a big help.

This is the second year that the Mille-Iles Girl Guide District helped plant trees. We started at 9am – quite an early morning for some (me) but was worth it. We planted different kinds of trees and bushes.

I think I speak for all the girls and leaders when I say that it was truly an amusing Sunday morning with finding worms and all kinds of bugs (I didn’t enjoy the bug part) and the rocks under the ground were quite difficult to work around but we are Girl Guides for a reason and we worked around them.

I wanted to help plant trees with the Girl Guides because I like to help my community and environment. My favorite part of the day and I hope the other girls enjoyed this too; it was being around all the younger girls. They are so kind and they are amazing to be around. We won’t forget the big worm that Trinity found or the huge rock that Sparkle found in the ground. We won’t ever forget the worm I had to pretend to eat (yuck).

The wagon that I had to pull with three people on it – that was very tiring. I can guarantee you after the tree planting I took a well-deserved nap. Planting 300 trees is quite a tiring job.

The Girl Guides wanted to go plant trees because helping our community is part of our job. We love to help people; we do a lot of community service all year round. Girl Guides weren’t the only ones that helped plant trees though there were lots of people from the community also. In conclusion it was a very fun day with the worms and bugs but most of all the girls.

By Guest Blogger Catherine Gagnon. Catherine is a Pathfinder with the 1st Argenteuil Pathfinder Unit. If you have some photos or stories to share about what you’re doing with your unit or district, please send us an email at

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Un geste courageux pour aider les autres!

Cet été, j’ai fait un deuxième don de cheveux pour la fondation A Child’s Voice Foundation pour leur programme Angel Hair for Kids, me méritant en même temps mon premier défi Québec Spin.

J’ai décidé de faire mon premier don quand j’étais en maternelle. J’ai laissé pousser mes cheveux pendant deux ans. Entre temps, mon amie est tombée malade de la leucémie, donc le choix de faire un don est devenu encore plus important pour moi. C’est en deuxième année que j’ai finalement fait mon premier don de plus de 12 pouces de cheveux.

J’étais si fière de mon geste que j’ai décidé de le refaire. Pendant un autre deux ans, j’ai laissé pousser mes cheveux. Ils étaient si longs et si épais que j’ai parfois pensé de les faire couper. Par contre, j’ai persévéré et j’en ai pris bien soin car c’était important pour moi d’aider les enfants malades.

C’est cet été, avant d’entrer en 5e année, que je suis allée les faire couper. J’étais très nerveuse de me retrouver avec les cheveux courts après les avoir eu si long si longtemps. Mais, je suis restée courageuse et la coiffeuse a coupé plus de 11 pouces. Mon deuxième don était fait et j’en étais très fière.

LekaleidoscopeQC250En faisant ce don, j’ai pu aider des enfants et me mériter mon premier défi Québec Spin Challenge. Les anneaux que j’ai choisies pour le défi sont:

ROUGE: Faites une différence
VERT: Cheftaines (ma mère)
BRUN: Bloguez
ROSE: Collectivité

À mon âge, je ne peux pas donner beaucoup d’argent pour aider les enfants malades mais je peux leur donner mes cheveux. C’est très IMPORTANT pour moi!

par Alyssia Morin

À propos de notre blogueuse invitée: Alyssia est une Guide avec les 1st Northern Lights Guides à Rosemère. Elle a 10 ans. Si vous êtes intéressée à devenir blogueuse invitée veuillez nous écrire au

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