Northshore Girl Guides go to beautiful lengths to earn a Québec Spin!

While getting ready for Camp Wa-Thik-Ane and a trip to SOAR BC, Pathfinder Leah Suissa and Guide Zoe Suissa from Northshore District chose to cut and donate their hair for wigs for cancer patients.

donations! Guider Dora Hemsworth joined them and they have almost enough hair donated to make a whole wig!

Bravo!Taking their program for a spin, they decided on the following:

Red circle: QCSpinner-fullimage_260Make a Difference

Green circle: With District

Brown circle: Share it!

Pink circle: Sisterhood

Find out more about the Québec Spin Challenge here.

Find out more about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program here.

Thank you to Northshore District Guider Dora Hemsworth for sharing their story with us. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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Wa-Thik-Ane Summer Camp Diaries – Week 1

The following is Part 1 of a weekly round-up of diary entries sent to us from the shores of Lac Bouchette at Québec’s provincial Girl Guide camp – Wa-Thik-Ane. (Follow the very latest updates on our Camp Wa-Thik-Ane Facebook page!)

Summer Camp 2014 – Opening Day, Week 1

I awoke to a quiet camp and the sound of raindrops on my tent. I thought – oh no, please not on opening day. Well, the camp spirits answered my call because by the time I showered and dressed, the sun was out and we had a beautiful day. We were treated to a wonderful breakfast by chefs Glenn Keeble and Elaine Keeble. Well deserved by all the hard working volunteers who are prepping for the start of camp.

Soon enough the parking was busy with bags being dropped off and parents kissing their daughters goodbye with wishes of a great week. Immediately the waterfront and sites were filled with squeals of laughter and shouts of encouragement for those doing their swim test.

After a busy afternoon, we officially opened camp with the raising of our Canadian flag and a delicious BBQ. The daylight began to close on the sites and campfire were burning for a last treat of marshmallows and songs. When stories and songs had ended, goodnight was said and so ended our first day of summer camp 2014.

- Joanne, Summer Camp Coordinator

Summer Camp 2014 – Week 1, Day 2

WP_000422We awoke to an overcast day with raindrops falling. The weather forecast was gloomy with a chance of thunderstorms and high winds. Camp life continues, however, and girls were in the water for a 7:30 morning dip challenge and by 9:30 the Wee campers were off in their boats.

The rain showered here and there but we are happy to say nothing consistent and heavy. Boat lake swim went ahead for those that were up to the challenge and 20 girls both young and young at heart did the swim. Way to go ladies!

Camp WTA


The Wee campers also took a hike to the bluff in the afternoon and enjoyed the misty view. The day ended with sweet voices running through the campground to the melodies of Guiding songs at our Youngson central campfire site.

- Joanne, Summer Camp Coordinator

Summer Camp 2014 – Week 1, Day 3

Today we said goodbye to our awesome Spark campers and their moms. These ladies certainly were good camp material, arriving for morning dip both mornings and smiling through sunshine and rain showers as they completed their planned activities. Their camp came to an end with a hike along the waterfront path to Mic Mac and cooking their own grilled cheese sandwiches on buddy burners.

As the Brownies arrived for the start of their camp so did the heavy rains, which made an exciting and challenging time to get them and their gear to their campsite dry. The Brownies pitched in transporting gear from vehicles and made it an easy challenge. The skies cleared for a short time so that all the new campers could complete their swim test and boat test.

WWWTA2014-Day3Part of camp life is collecting and returning your coolers of food each meal time, to and from Food Services. The wagons gain weight as they climb the hill and I hear the encouragement and complaints as the girls make their way uphill outside the office. Well done, girls!


Our new waterfront toy was installed and tried out by the older girls with the sound of laughter and squeals. Thank you Arnold family for your donation – it will be enjoyed.

- Joanne, Summer Camp Coordinator


Summer Camp 2014 – Week 1, Regatta Day!

Regatta Day! The half way mark in our week long camp usually brings Regatta, our fabulous fun water activity day that our fantastic waterfront staff plan.

WP_000453WP_000446Yesterday the sky was overcast and the air cool. In the true Guiding spirit we decided to go ahead as planned unless it poured rain or thunder and lightning became part of the picture. Well, mother nature was on our side because after a few gentle showers at lunch, the sun began to peek out and the air warmed up.

Indeed it was the Guiding spirit that spread as the Brownies started the event with their Boat Swim Challenge in cool waters and then warmed up by the fire that Guides and Pathfinders pitched in to build with their leaders. Hot dogs were cooked in milk cartons and on sticks as we all enjoyed lunch together. The afternoon continued with lots of laughter and participation in the games.

WP_000442 One of the best things about Guiding and a provincial camp is watching girls of all ages learn from each other and make new friends which I watched unfold in abundance today.

As I made the evening garbage and recycling rounds I was entertained with a joyful round of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” by the Brownie site and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on the ukelele by a Pathfinder. Life is good at Wa-Thik-Ane.

WP_000460- Joanne, Summer Camp Coordinator

Summer Camp 2014 – Week 1, Day 5

Thursday was a beautiful day, everyone was happy to see the sun. :)

The Pathfinders did the annual event of a sunrise hike to the bluff. I know that they all enjoyed the view and were tired from the 3:30 a.m. hike. Today their adventure is hiking into town to buy their dinner supplies!

The annual short lake swim took place and all who tried the swim completed it. Way to go girls!

We will say goodbye to our Brownies today after a fun filled and very busy three nights. They had the opportunity to do four camp challenges: sleep under the stars, camp tour, morning dip and short lake swim; which many of them completed.

Our weekend Wee Camp arrives today and we are excited to share the magic of Wa-Thik-Ane with them.

V__A1E0 – Joanne, Summer Camp Coordinator

Summer Camp 2014 – End of Week 1

Wa-Thik-Ane’s gates have seen a lot of campers come and go over the last few days. Brownies packed up on Friday and ended their camp with some amazing weather for swimming and boating, filled by a picnic lunch. As the Brownies hiked to the parking lot to say their goodbyes, the Sparks arrived with their moms for two nights of Wee Camp.

The Guides had a special treat this year as they packed up their gear on Friday afternoon, leaving only with their bedrolls and a daypack with extra clothes for an overnight trip to Mic Mac. At Mic Mac they enjoyed a night with propane lanterns lighting their way through dinner and set up for a beautiful night’s sleep under the stars. Thank you, Guides, for moving off your site so the Wee could use it and thank you to all the amazing Guide Guiders who made my plan come true.

Saturday brought goodbyes to a lot of week-long campers, some of whom will be back this week. The Wee enjoyed an amazing day of boating, swimming and songs. Sunday brought heavy rain and the arrival of a new crop of campers! We smiled through our arrival with wet luggage, departed to our sites and enjoyed a delicious barbecue all together. The evening brought clearing skies. :)

I found this note for Wa-Thik-Ane on Friday from some wonderful Brownies and their amazing Guider moms that sums it up. It reads, “Dear Wa-Thik-Ane, you are amazing!!! I love this camp!” Wa-Thik-Ane looks forward to seeing you again, ladies. Bye for now.

WTA-mailbox- Joanne, Summer Camp Coordinator

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How do you show your love for Wa-Thik-Ane?

Tent Rising Week at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane (May 10-16, 2014) was made possible thanks to the volunteers who spent many hours preparing the sites for the 2014 season. From cleaning marquees to stocking supplies to minor repair jobs and pitching tents – it’s their continued dedication that makes it possible for hundreds of campers to enjoy our beautiful provincial campground year after year!

Provincial Camping Adviser and Guider with the 1st Kirkland Pathfinders Angie Kruller took part with her unit and their families:

We had five Pathfinder families from the 1st Kirkland Pathfinders and two Rangers and their leader, Jutta Bouchard, up at camp to do work on Cree. A lot was accomplished and it was amazing to see everybody work so hard and have fun doing it.

Five new fire pits were poured, platforms were repaired and leveled and the main camp fire now has a beautiful pile of wood, ready to go. There is a platform for the leaders’ tent close to the marquee and the rest of the site is now set up for patrol camping and cooking.

Both Pam and I are thrilled that the plan we had for several years has now come through and we hope that many Pathfinders and Rangers will make use of the site.

Thanks also to Guider Heather Martin for sharing some photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested in guest blogging or contributing stories and photos, please send us an email at

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And off we go! Exploring and discovering in Quebec City

The following blog was originally posted on Life as a Girl Guide.

After many months of preparation, the 1st Lennoxville Pathfinder Unit and the selected Guides were off to Quebec City for camping, sightseeing and learning a bit about our history. Oh! Did I mention the Beaver Tail eating?

QC aquarium Friday evening saw us grocery shopping and getting ready for the long weekend ahead. We woke up to a very rainy morning, packed up and headed off on a long drive. Our first stop in Quebec City was the aquarium, where Bubbles got a kiss from a friendly walrus… Where we watched a polar bear swim… And where we got to touch starfish, anemone, urchins and sting rays!Setting up camp

Very thankful that the rain stopped at lunchtime, we set up our campsite securely, just in case the rain and wind started up again. And since we still had so much daylight left…

We headed over to the Montmorency Falls, took the cable car up and walked across the suspended bridge!

As you may be able to tell if you have already been there, the water level was unusually high. In fact, it was a new record; no wonder the stairs were closed! So we posed in a tree instead!Chutes de Montmorency

Chutes de Montmorency P5175716And stopped for a little shopping/playing to spend a bit of our pent up energy. The see-saw contraption was a big favourite among the Guides (and their Guider, wink wink), whereas Pathfinders preferred a bit of independent shopping.

QC City

Here we are by the fountain in front of the Parliament building.

We woke up early on Sunday morning, ready for a day of exploration in the Old City. As you can see, our worries about unfavourable weather were completely unnecessary!

Read more about their walking tour and see more photos here.

The rest of our day included a guided tour of the Morin Centre, which is basically the old prison turned into a college, the first to admit women in Quebec, turned into a library. This was followed by a photo scavenger hunt and quiz. Here are a few photos from my team, the Heffalumps. Oops! I mean Snuffleupaguses. P5185754

It’s a good thing that our next stop was the oldest house in the province, that has been turned into Aux Anciens Canadiens, a very fine restaurant. We all got dressed up and enjoyed good meal!

P5185782Though we had already done much that day, it was not over yet: our last activity was a ghost walk through Old Quebec. We heard tales of horror, death and ghosts, as well as some very strange facts that might not be mere coincidence after all…

Oh my! Did we sleep well that night!

We woke up to another beautiful day, our last. Breakfast, break camp, load it all up and off we went! Where to? To that shopping centre, the one with the amusement park inside… Galeries de la Capitale. The roller coaster was brilliant! We finished our visit to Quebec City with one last stop in Old Quebec for some souvenir shopping and refreshment.

And back home we went.

I am very grateful to have been asked to accompany the girls on this fantastic trip; I think I can say that we all had a wonderful time! Of course, we would like to thank everyone who made this trip possible!


By Guest Blogger Esther Keller. Esther is a Guider with the 1st Lennoxville Guide Unit. This is an edited version of the blog post on Esther’s own blog where she shares her Guiding experience regularly. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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Making friends across the border!

International friendship is an important part of being a Girl Guide! These Brownies from Pierrefonds made some new friends south of the border to celebrate World Thinking Day together and share in the sisterhood of Guiding:

The 2nd Northwood Brownies sent letters, drawings, pictures, ‘I LOVE GGC’ tattoos, crests, and two boxes of cookies (chocolatey mint and classic) to the Sterling Daisy Troop in Massachussetts, USA, for their World Thinking Day event. Sara, the Sterling Troop Leader said that her girls were so pleased with the package and had a great time representing Canada at International Night where all Girl Scout troops in their town choose a different country.

In return, the Brownies received a package from the USA including letters, drawings, crests and six boxes of delicious cookies. They enjoyed their gifts during their last Brownie meeting and hope to correspond with other girls around the world when they meet again in the fall.

Thank you to 2nd Northwood Brownie Guider Annie Ajemian for sending us this story and photos. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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An advancement ceremony Under the Sea!

Guider and District Commissioner Linda Hamelin is proud of her district’s Under the Sea advancement ceremony! How did they do it?

It was a lot of work to fold, paint and fluff 164 pieces of coloured Kleenex and put them onto mermaid necklances. Then I sewed 11 mermaid skirts for the girls advancing. One week the Sparks and Brownies coloured sea creatures and then we glued them onto a plastic table cloth that looked like water. We then had a blue table cloth on the floor with shells and rocks.

These are the words that one of our Spark leaders came up with to say as the Sparks were walking in the water to be greeted by the Brownie leaders, and then Brownies put the mermaid necklaces on them:

As you swim through the pathway of shells and coral that represent the learning and experiences you have done through Sparks, now swim into the deep blue sea of new beginnings and wonder. We wish you all the best with the new friends and have lots of fun in Brownies.

Thank you to Mille Iles District Commissioner and 1st Argenteuil Spark Guider Linda Hamelin for sending us this story. If you are interested in guest blogging, please send us an email at

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A wacky auction and egg-sitting win the 2014 CWFF Pizza Challenge!

Every year units and districts raise funds for the Canadian World Friendship Fund (CWFF) and every year they come up with fun and creative ways of doing it! The 2014 Quebec Pizza Challenge invited units to submit their success stories (in two categories) for a chance to win a pizza party worth $100. Here are this year’s winners:

1. Most money raised per member: 1st Pincourt Pathfinders – An auction with a twist! (In the past this has been a favourite activity to raise money for the CWFF or Camp Wa-Thik-Ane.)

From Pathfinder Guider Elaine: We collected a wide range of crazy, bizarre and weird surprises and some nice items including jewellery, Avon products, a car flashlight and Bean Boozled jelly beans. Every girl was given a bidding paddle to use. At times, the girls would all bid at the same time. A few bidding wars took place throughout the evening! The items were auctioned off to the highest bidder. The twist here was that the girls did not know what they were bidding for. It could be something wacky or something everyone would like. They usually bid higher when they liked the wrapping! It was fun to be part of. In total, we raised $100 for the World Friendship Fund.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2. Most original idea to raise money: 85th Montreal Guides – Taking care of egg babies

From Guide Guider Lizzie Knowles: We decided to creatively complete the child care badge this year by having the girls take care of a hard-boiled egg for a week. We knew that this was going to be a tough challenge for the girls, so before giving out the eggs, we spent a meeting getting their input on what they thought should be required… If they wanted someone to babysit their egg, there was a cost. But, the money didn’t go to the babysitter, it went to the CWFF… Read more on Lizzie’s Guiding blog!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s the CWFF all about? It’s through the CWFF that Girl Guides are able to support projects in developing countries designed to improve the lives of girls and young women and their communities. Contributions to the CWFF also support Canadian girls and women attending international events.

The challenge will be on in 2015, so get those creative juices flowing!

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