Volunteering at Summer Camp: A True Girls First Experience

As a leader, camp can be exhausting: The planning before you leave, making sure all girls are happy and healthy during the week, and the extra-long recovery process upon your return…

It is then that you find yourself asking… Was it all worth it?

Well, for 2 leaders and 12 girls at Algonquin site during week 1 of the Wonderful Weeks at Wa-Thik-Ane (summer camp)… It ABSOLUTELY WAS!


What an incredible week with incredible people! It was amazing to see girls and Guiders come together and create something so exciting and memorable.

From Day 1, when Lisa Labelle and I asked the girls what they would be interested in performing at the end of the week for our theatre and drama camp, they took matters into their own hands. In a matter of minutes, girls were asking each other what they felt comfortable doing in order to prep for the production, and before you knew it, we had a script-writing team, costume and prop departments, an advertising group, and actors rehearsing their lines. Each person had a role (or roles!) they wanted — including doing things that took them a step or two out of their comfort zone.


As a Guider who has not worked with a unit since Girls First came into play, it was so exciting to see it in action. It made me so happy to see girls explore their strengths and talents, take risks, and turn our simple idea into something so extraordinary.


It was also nice to be able to share my own knowledge of theatre with the campers through several drama workshops held throughout the week about voice and projection, memorization, script-writing and stage direction and building self-confidence. I am hoping that they were able to take something away from the workshops that they can use in their own lives, either for school or their own performances.


With all the skills accumulated throughout the week, on Friday night, in front of the Brownie and Guide camps, our group of Pathfinders put on a hilarious 30-minute production, complete with full costumes and musical numbers. To see all the girls come together to create something on such a large scale with this level of teamwork made us close as a group as well. It lead to an even more enjoyable experience at camp as a whole. Since we worked so closely during the week on our production, helping each other with dishes, cooking, or keeping our space clean wasn’t a problem at all — we were like a well-oiled machine…or like a little family.


My sincere thanks to Super Eagle and the week’s WWWTA staff, our audience members for the special performance night, and especially to Lisa and the girls (Kyla, Talia, Emma, Ruby, Chloe, Estelle, Lily, Meïeve, Kayoon, Abby, Shannon and Coralie) that I was lucky enough to share such a wonderful week at Wa-Thik-Ane with. Thank you to you all for reminding me what the spirit and sisterhood of Guiding is truly about.


Blog post by Sarah Di Milo who volunteered at the Wonderful Weeks at Wa-Thik-Ane – Week 1. Sarah is a Guider in Riverview District.

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