A Fun and Exciting Wet Day

We were expecting to wake up to a rainy day, but hurray! Outdoor water regatta was back on! The skies were overcast but the smiles were bright and the team efforts were strong. Our Regatta days this year work with currency (painted rocks). Each of the three colours of rocks is worth a different amount (gold being the most valuable of course). There’s always a series of games/challenges for teams to participate in, each station costing a different amount to play. Teams are given a starting amount but if they need more they have to visit the Wa-Thik-Ane bank! The bank is located at the shallow end of the beach and the banker (Super Eagle) explains that one team member at a time has 5 seconds to withdraw as much rock currency as she can.



Rubber ducks flew through the air towards their targets, a beach ball was hit back and forth in a circle, a wet t-shirt was relayed between team members as they swam a course with it on, tennis balls bounced toward a bucket and campers turned into bats and depended on their senses of touch and sound from teammates to guide them through the boathouse. Each station had cards to give out and when unscrambled “Mr. Freeze” was the word and the treat of the morning!


After a busy morning at waterfront, Sparks and Brownies were able to enjoy hot dogs cooked in milk cartons for a tasty lunch before departing from their 3-night camp.


Although the forecast showed reports of thunderstorms for the afternoon, Mother Nature had them scheduled for 5 pm onwards enabling the Pathfinders to do their planned long lake swim.

Thank you to Mother Nature, the waterfront staff and the volunteers who transformed what was supposed to be a gloomy wet day into a fun and exciting wet day!


Super Eagle

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Another Day Full of Adventures

Brownies woke up to the early sounds of morning on the open deck of Huron. The young campers successfully earned their Sleep Under the Stars crest.


Guides and Pathfinders rose early to a delicious breakfast of french toast bake for a day of adventure.


After a little delay getting lost on the twisty roads of Mont Tremblant, we arrived at our destination for ziplining and an aerial course. Some campers challenged their fear of heights while others relaxed and chit-chatted through the whole way. Great job to everyone and I loved seeing all the smiles! 

A welcome swim waiting for us on our return as it was needed as we were all hot and sweaty.

While we were away playing, our camp wagons received a makeover from waterfront and new wheels thanks to our camp fix-it-wizard Daniel. They look great and are ready for another ten years of service!


The day came to an end with central campfire at Seneca. It’s always such a treat to sit all together and be led in song by an amazing waterfront team.


Super Eagle

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A Perfect Day for S’mores

Brownies and Sparks settled in very nicely after a busy first day. They were first on waterfront today for boating. Next on the agenda were the Guides and Pathfinders joining them for the Boat Swim Challenge. We had a large group of 41 swimmers ready to take on the challenge with four terrific cheerleaders from the Spark/Brownie site. The bobbers jumped in first to make a trail to the rowboat. What is a bobber you ask? An adult volunteer in a PFD who is there for swimmers to hold onto for a quick break if they get too tired or to provide a PFD if necessary. Bobbers line the way and make it safer for our campers to do the swim challenges.


After lunch the Guides and Pathfinders took on a second swim challenge — the Short lake Swim!

After all that swimming and walking, all sites were ready for their visit to the tuck counter (candy table). Each camper visits the tuck shop daily for their two pieces of sugar energy! Brownies also got to visit the Wa-Thik-Ane shop where they purchased souvenir crests and items. I predict a lot of sewing onto blankets in the next month or so.


After shop time, I got to fly by the Brownie site to see what they are doing for their Bear Adventure Camp. Someone mentioned that it would be a perfect night for s’mores so they headed off to collect wood and fill a fire bucket so they could build a fire. Well done girls! Some wonderful crafts have been made on their site: tin foil plates and adorable bear heads. I also visited the “Bear Den” where storytime and weaving happen at a relaxed pace.



The Sparks and Brownies weren’t the only campers to enjoy a campfire and s’mores! Once done, while the Expedition and Adventure campers were making lunches for their zip lining trip tomorrow, Brownies were snuggling down in their sleeping bags for a night of sleeping under the stars.


Super Eagle


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Week 3 Ends and Week 4 Begins

Friday and Saturday


The Pathfinders survived their night and returned in good spirits to base camp. They were excited to share all the stories with us as we crossed paths. They did say they would prefer some flatter spots for their tents, however their lack of sleep did not show! There were smiles, laughter and tons of stories to share such as of accidentally throwing their eggs over the Bluff, stoves malfunctioning and even rice crispy squares for breakfast. I would say the first overnight trail camp at Wa- Thik-Ane was a success. Now, you might think these ladies would drop and sleep all day but no, they wanted all their challenge crests and therefore came down at 11 am after a snack to do their long lake swim. They’re some determined and strong young ladies!


I asked these campers to put together some thoughts for me on their experience after a little power nap of course. Their comments included more challenges, more adventures, more campfires, fishing and Pathfinders cooking for other sites (I see a future challenge there). They really liked swimming and swim challenges, making new friends, sleeping in tents, cooking the meals, waking up and watching the sunrise. Their thoughts on their week-long trail camp: great, awesome, best summer camp ever in the world, super fun, amazing….this place is unique and awesome, super fun to spend a lot of time outside, hope more camps like this one come out! Thank you Pathfinders for coming and sharing a great week with us!

Guides ended their afternoon with swimming and canoeing and ended their week with sleeping under the stars for yet another challenge crest. Saturday morning brought packing up, the excitement of seeing family again and the sadness of saying goodbye to friends new and old. They headed home with a bucket of new memories!

Moms and Sparks joined us on Friday afternoon for a weekend of Wee Camp. After arrival, they all headed down to site to change into bathing suits for swim tests. All the campers did a great job and then returned to site with just enough time to get their gear into tents before an evening downpour. Saturday morning brought morning dippers to a misty lake! The theme for the Mom & me camp was fairy tale princesses. The campers enjoyed many hikes and tales, swimming and boating and even a game with poison apples! After dinner on Saturday night, a special guest appeared – Ariel! The girls were excited with looks of surprise and tons of questions for her! They made a fairy wand together and after a group picture, Ariel was off. S’mores and a campfire brought the evening to a close and I visited to read my favourite book: “Eagle Boy.”



Sparks and their Moms started the day off with day two of the Morning Dip challenge and then they headed back up to site for a hot breakfast and hot chocolate, tea and coffee.


Shortly after breakfast they were all packed up and sitting enjoying another craft. As the Sparks and Brownie 3 night camp arrived to share their site for lunch, the Wee campers headed off to finish their camp tour and give the new arrivals a chance to settle in. It was a busy day with arrivals for week 4 and departures of the Wee campers but no luggage was lost or misplaced. The trails of the camp were definitely busy bringing all the new arrivals together for a barbecue for supper. We enjoyed a great meal and finished clean-up just in time for another evening shower. I think that put a damper on evening campfire plans but that’s okay as there are more to come!


Super Eagle

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Growing Through Personal Challenges

We were lucky to get sun this morning! There were a few clouds but no rain and it meant that Pathfinders could come down to waterfront for the Blueberry Island Lifejacket Swim. The Rabaska was full of rain water but we got to work and bailed it out before everyone headed off. Enrique and the Rabaska made their way onto the water with the lifeguards in Crickets — the water was nice and calm. At arrival, the leaders and campers all got out on the island, ready for the big swim. It seemed to be an easy swim for some and a challenge for others but the smiles on their faces reflected a good challenge with a successful end.


After lunch, Guides headed down to waterfront for their turn to canoe to Blueberry Island for a swim. The Island was a busy place today! Getting there was a tough paddle for some, which made the swim break at the island that much better!


Pathfinders returned to site after their morning swim to have lunch and finalize packing for their overnight hike. I received pictures and news as they settled in and set up camp. Challenge 1 was to secure a tent – check.


Challenge 2 was to cook their meal –  check with a little excitement of high flames.


Challenge 3 was to eat a yummy meal – definitely achieved and enjoyed!


As I took my evening hike along the trail to Ranger Lake I could hear the laughter and excited voices of the campers off-site and I knew that these young ladies who were unsure of this overnight were settled in and having a great time.

How are we rewarded for the challenges we take on? Through those great feelings of accomplishment, pride and growth that come with them. Thank you Wa-Thik-Ane for giving so many campers the opportunity to grow and gain confidence!


Super Eagle

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Very Wet Days


On Tuesday, morning exercise was on the schedule for Guides and Pathfinders as they headed to waterfront first thing for the Short Lake swim challenge. They were happy to be able to complete it before the heavy rains and wind set in. They were a big swim group and everyone did well, congrats campers.


Brownies were able to get some boating time in and they also had some time to shop at the Wa-Thik-Ane store. They also got their daily free tuck — their choice of two candy items — always a happy event!

Brownies spent the rainy afternoon doing crafts; painting rocks and making some beautiful pictures without using crayons. Along with their picture came a story about Africa.


Pathfinders sneaked in a little bit of boating before getting stuck in the boathouse. While they were doing that, their leaders hiked a trail with Super Eagle to check out for their one night sleep away spot. They had no boathouse to run to, so let’s just say they were wet enough when they returned that they left a puddle.

Central campfire was held in Stavert and once again enjoyed by all!



How do you start a very wet day off? With morning dip of course! Then off we went to change into some warm dry cloths and start the morning dining experience with a cup of hot cocoa to warm the tummy!


The weather meant a necessary quick change of plans – Regatta on the waterfront was switched to team games in Stavert for all campers. They were able to enjoy four stations where the teams were challenged against one another in Guiding Jeopardy, charades, pictionary and Tic Tac Toe. Teams switched so they could all try each station. They found it a real challenge to stay silent and not give each other advice as to where to stand while playing giant tic tac toe. I saw some silent hints being shared through eye contact! We ended the morning with refreshing freezies in a very warm Stavert Lodge.



After lunch it was time to say goodbye to our Spark/Brownie campers. Their luggage arrived in the rain and departed in the rain but they all were able to have some waterfront time and do lots of crafts and games while at camp. Thanks for camping with us, Sparks and Brownies.



Guides kept busy building gadgets and it looked like they were having fun. In fact, they don’t seem to mind the rain at all as they keep having the urge to run out into it. The busy afternoon of building was followed by the challenge of a blindfold supper. Thank you for the great pictures — I hope you enjoyed your meal to the last morsel.



Pathfinders were challenged with how they would pack for their overnight out on the trails. It seems that this is a great learning experience and Lesley and Michaela, their Leaders, did a great job of teaching and planning with them. In the evening, Chickery Pop visited to share some more good tripping knowledge with them about how to lessen their load: take only what you absolutely need as a group. They are looking forward to their adventure of hiking in the woods and breaking camp tonight. At this point, it looks like they may be lucky and not get any rain. Stay tuned for their adventure on the trails over the next two blogs.


Super Eagle

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Keeping the Rain at Bay

Super Eagle and the waterfront team juggled the water schedule to make sure everyone was able to complete their swim tests and that those campers who wanted to would be able to participate in the Boat Swim Challenge. All was done by noon and the rain held off. All things considered, even with the gloomy forecast, we were very lucky and ended up with no rain until some showers began around midnight when everyone was tucked into bed.



While swimming and boating went ahead at waterfront, some Guides had a blast entertaining themselves with body paint. I have met a lot of wildlife in my days here at camp but none that looked quite as artistic as the creatures I saw yesterday. Even those who were just watching had a smile to share.


Since the weather held off, we were able to enjoy grill cheese on buddy burners — little stoves made with a large can over a small can willed with wax soaked corrugated cardboard. What do you do when you have over fifty campers that want to use buddy burners and not enough little burners for the coffee can stoves? Pathfinders had the answer: make a mini twig fire under your can!



The afternoon brought about hiking for some and whittling for others. Pathfinders cooked supper for their leaders and everyone was able to enjoy s’mores over the campfire for their evening snack. What is better than good friends, a campfire’s glow and s’mores? Am I making you jealous of the campers? Come join us for our Mom & Me weekend — August 3-5th. Moms and daughters of all ages are welcome!


Super Eagle

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