Voilà Québec! A Pathfinder’s Perspective


Voilà Québec! was educational and a definite confidence booster for me. I came with the intention of developing and strengthening my social abilities and leadership skills, in order to honour the people I met and the lessons I learned at Count Me In Leadership Summit. My experience there, under the influence of the legendary Shane Feldman and his crew, brought me to a point at Wa-Thik-Ane where I found myself embracing my skills and place within my unit.

During our first night there, on a Saturday, everyone at the Huron campsite settled down at the fire pit for a session of singing songs taught by Girl Guides from all over Canada followed by two fun rounds of the popular card game “Lourgarou” (or Werewolf). It was intriguing and amazing to me how many songs we all knew together, along with ones completely foreign to me. When I helped lead a few like “Eddie,” “Umm Plucky Plucky,” and “Avoine,” it was even more fun of an experience. I chose these three specifically to lead because

A) It would help girls from outside Québec practice their French,

B) It would allow those not familiar with the hand movements of Eddie to have fun outside their comfort zones, and

C) It was funny to see the reactions of the girls from other provinces when they heard how morbid some of our songs could become.

I realized that the experience was much more fun with the interactions I had with the other girls because I felt appreciated for my actions.

Blog post by Kendra. Kendra is a Pathfinder in Riverdale District. She participated in Voilà Québec! as part of the provincial patrol.

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