Home from SOAR

Blog post written by Brianna from the 1st Lachute Pathfinder Unit. Brianna was part of the Québec provincial patrol that went to SOAR in July.


This year, SOAR (Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous) took place in the beautiful town of Smithers, BC. The plane ride was long but was definitely worth it. SOAR was well organized and all the activities were awesome! Some of my favorite activities were Power Up (where we built simple machines that didn’t use electricity like wind-powered cars and solar ovens) and skateboarding (where we went to a local skateboard park and learnt how to skateboard, it was lots of fun). All of the events were well planned and the staff were very kind.


Whenever we went into town, the people who lived there welcomed us warmly to Smithers. We also met girls around the world, from countries like England, Peru, Australia, the US, and even Japan! SOAR  was a great experience and I hope I get to go again sometime!

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The Tadoussac Trip Continues

Blog post written by Dylan, Amanda, Amy and Melissa from the 1st Valois-Dorval Pathfinder unit.

Day 3 of our trip began with a 15-minute sleep in. We found out that the duty roster had been rigged by Vladimir Poutine, the leftovers from Dylan’s lunch (from the future), so we only had one cook on the roster for the meal. She was, nevertheless, able to cook great food in her pyjamas. (editor’s note: It sounds like the girls were tired and giddy when writing this. It doesn’t make much sense but it’s funny!)


Next stop: the Tadoussac interpretation center. We posed with Beluga statues and watched a great documentary on whales in the St. Lawrence River. We then zoom-zoomed to the Marine Interpretation Center where we had a visual and audio live hook-up to some divers exploring the bottom of the St. Lawrence. We’re not sure, but some of our girls think they saw a baby beluga during the video session, but all of us saw wolf fish, sunfish and some anemones.


Our storm lashing knowledge proved useful when a massive storm warning was issued near our campsite. Fortunately, it passed right by us, though it didn’t stop the girls from playing some intense games of Werewolf inside the common room cabin at our campsite. We finished our day with shish kebabs, s’mores, and cherry surprises by the fire, ready for the next day’s journey home.


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A Trip to Tadoussac

Blog post written by Melissa from the 1st Valois-Dorval Pathfinders while on a unit trip to Tadoussac.


The weather was warm, the perfect day. The trip had just begun and already we were having so much fun. We had pancakes for breakfast with strawberries and sausages, a tasty treat, definitely good enough to eat. After that we were on our way to a brand new place to explore. We really couldn’t ask for more. We started with a hike that was longer than expected, but we couldn’t complain because the view was amazing! We didn’t see any whales there, but we’d only just started, so we went on to Tadoussac to get boarded. We rushed a little but we still arrived on time for our whale watching tour, the star du jour.


We saw different whales, porpoises too, and we even had a fin whale come up to say “how do you do?” We learned lots of things, and shared some jokes too. I know in my car, we were all going cuckoo! We did the gift shop tour and got some neat stuff, some sweaters and nougat and a snow globe too, after which we made our way to “le bateau” a delicious buffet for supper. Although their lemonade was odd the sugar pie was divine.


We finished up and paid the bill before heading on our way. We took a little detour and got to see some more sights. We got back and saw the beach, chatted and wished each other goodnight. Now I’d say that’s the perfect way to end a perfect day!

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Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: A Perfect Ending

On Friday, the adventure campers headed to the St. Sauveur water park to enjoy a sunny day sliding and splashing!

Guides got ready and headed out for their last boating session of the week. They do enjoy the Rabaska (giant canoe) and I enjoy hearing all the wonderful voices singing in unison as they paddle along.



Wee campers (Sparks, young Brownies and their Moms) arrived today for the weekend “Wee” camp. They were all very excited and happy to jump in and do their swim and boat test on such a hot and sunny day. They were so quick that they even had leftover time for free swim.


After a late supper, they got to share a campfire with the Guides. who made them feel very welcome.

Saturday early morning brought another beautiful view to my sleepy eyes as I walked down to open waterfront for morning dip. Despite the cool temperatures, everyone had smiles on as they came to dip. Saturday also meant swimming and boating for the Wee campers and their Moms. Everyone enjoyed being on or in the water on a hot sunny day.



In the afternoon,  the Wee campers did their Camp Tour challenge. It was a lot of walking but with games to play along the way and snack breaks, it was great fun for the young ones and their Moms to get to know the camp.

For lunch, the Guide and Adventure campers roasted hot dogs and then off to the parking lot they went to meet their families. It always makes me chuckle to see them say hi to Mom or Dad and then turn back to their camp friends to chatter about all they have done and how they can keep in touch.

The Wee camp made mini pizzas for lunch and learned how to use buddy burners.


Supper brought the challenge of eating dinner with a strange utensil. The Sparks and
Brownies really enjoyed it!

Sunday was another misty morning dip for the little ones and their Moms but a few
troopers did it. Some campers even slept out under the beautiful starry sky to earn their
Sleep Under the Stars challenge crest.


As we pack up and close up the tents at the end of another summer season, there are many friends to say goodbye to. The planning takes so long and the event passes so quickly as with all good things that offer us memories, friendships, fun and adventure. Goodbye and thank you to all the campers who came to share their summer days with us. Until next year…

Super Eagle signing off,


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Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Paddling, Hiking, Jumping and Singing

After a quiet morning dip and a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausages with the Guides on Iroqouis , everyone’s day was off to a busy start.


Adventure campers were down early and out on the water in canoes, enjoying a lovely morning on the water. When they came back at 11, it was time for the Guides to head out. All aboard and off they went! It was a little wavy and the sky was gloomy but they managed to get some paddling in.


Lunch for the adventure campers was pizzas cooked on the buddy burners (tin can burners) and Iroquois enjoyed hearty mac and cheese before they headed off to the Bluff for their afternoon hike.


When 2 pm rolled around, after another weather check, we jumped into the cold water to do the long lake swim. At least swimming the long distance kept us warm. It was a good swim in good time and all girls who attempted it completed it and earned another crest for their camp blanket!

The Pathfinders enjoyed some time on the water trampoline this afternoon, something they have been looking forward to for a few days.



The Guides had the opportunity to lead a central campfire for the two sites tonight and did a fantastic job. Nice choice of songs, ladies, and a great campfire!


As I walked down to close up the boat house, another picturesque view awaited me. Good night Wa-Thik-Ane and thank you for another amazing day!


Super Eagle signing off,


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Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Goodbye Sparks and Brownies!


This morning was misty again. One can never get too much of this beautiful view and peacefulness.

The brave Sparks and Brownies were the first to come and morning dip. The beach was then quiet and peaceful until 9 am and when the set-up began for the Sparks, Brownies and Guides to participate in some water fun and games (regatta) while the Pathfinders challenged themselves to the life jacket swim from Blueberry Island.

Once the teams were made and the stations were ready, the games began! After playing a selection of carnival games which were paid for with gold rocks found in the shallow end of the lake, the girls won supplies to build a raft. They were rewarded with a freezie for snack and got to build their raft. The team captains took the rafts out to water, boarded them and raced off. Congratulations to this week’s winners: Rainbow and her team!


Congrats as well to all the Pathfinders that accomplished their Blueberry Island lifejacket swim!


Lunch on the Spark and Brownie site was an easy cleanup – hot dogs roasted in milk cartons. Want to know how it’s done? First, you wrap your hot dog in foil, with whatever toppings you like, then put a little paper in the bottom of the milk carton, slide the wrapped hot dog in and add more paper on top. To cook it, you need to light the milk carton with a match and watch it burn. Once the whole carton and all the paper burn away your toasted hot dogs are ready to eat!

We had to say a sad goodbye to out Spark and Brownie friends this afternoon. Thank you for coming and building memories! Parents arrived in the parking lot to pick up their excited campers as the Guides and Pathfinders moved on to their next activity: the short lake swim. It was another successful event for everyone who swam it. 

As I sit here and write the blog, my favorite sounds come down the road from the campsites: voices of all ages enjoying their campfires and singing wonderful familiar songs.

Super Eagle signing off,


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Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Adventure Time!

Guides began their day with some girls heading off to morning dip and then a wonderful breakfast of baked french toast and fruit. A special guest, Heather,  came to show them how to make shelters. She also visited the Sparks and Brownies to help them learn how to keep things in order so they are easy to pack up. Thanks Heather for helping out today!


Adventure campers were offsite with their out-trip to “Via Ferratta du Diablo” in Mont Tremblant. It involved climbing a preset rock face course with cables and steel rods permanently fixed to the rocks. It took a lot of upper body strength, concentration and facing any fear of heights they may have had.

Adventure (1).jpg

We started with a small hike and lunch on the trail since we arrived early. Then it was off to the ladder to climb up to the suspension bridge. Over the bridge, we worked on a small test on a rock face with the technical explanations of the different set-ups on the course. We climbed upwards and took a water break on a ledge. The girls all gave the view a thumbs up and were smiling as they reached around the corner.  It was a fantastic day and challenge for these ladies. Well done everyone!


Waterfront was busy with swimming and boating and even some mini fire building by the Brownies.


Then, it was time for central campfire. The adventure campers were not able to make it back in time, but the Guides, Brownies, Sparks and wonderful volunteers enjoyed singing some songs lead by Pip and Eeyore.


Super Eagle signing off after another busy day,



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