Our Sea of Cortez Experience!

Marissa and Michelle were chosen to take part in the summer 2015 Sea of Cortez, Mexico national trip. They swam and snorkeled and helped coastal communities during eight excellent days. Click on the page below to read about their trip!


Take a look at the upcoming nationally sponsored trips too!

Marissa is a Ranger with the 1st Kirkland Rangers. Michelle is a Ranger with the Richelieu Ranger Unit.

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Our Guiding Family! Anne Girard

District Commissioner since June, 2014

Annie Girard is the District Commissioner of Des Montérégiennes

DC Annie Girard

Annie with PC Valerie and the first two girls to register for 2015-2016, Kassandra and Claire!

érégiennes district. When Annie applied for this provincial position, she felt this was where she needed to be to make a difference in her district. Taking on this position, she is

  • Developing new skills while sharpening her leadership and management skills!
  • Expanding her horizons, gaining valuable experience working with Guiders in her geographically wide spread district, and exploring new membership options to make a difference in the girls’ lives.
  • Getting more involved in the community!

We would like to salute Annie for all her hard work. As a new District Commissioner, we asked her to tell us all about her new role and share some tips.

Her go-to resource
Ingrid Hamel (past DC) and Elaine Keeble

Her Eureka moment as District Commissioner
Participating at the Provincial level.

What she had to learn on the fly
How to hold a District meeting.

Best activity with her Guiders
Holiday pot-luck! The best!

The biggest undertaking as District Commissioner
The role of District Commissioner.

“Listen to everyone”

Annie’s Guiding mantra

At District Meetings, you will find
Tea, smiles and friendships.

Now is a good time to
Make new friends

We would like her to know: That her hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated and that she is an asset to Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada. She has good knowledge and understanding of management and organization. We would also like her to know that we love her warm smile! ☺

This interview first appeared in the April Piccolo newsletter. The Our Guiding Family interviews are created by DC Support Specialist Elaine Keeble. Get in touch with her at dc.ca-support(@)guidesquebec.ca.

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WWWTA – Week 3 – Thanks for another great season!

It is hard to believe that three fabulous weeks have already passed. I saw many returning friends and made many new friends, all of which I look forward to spending time on the peaceful waters with again in 2016.

From the simple days swimming in the lake, to finding clues to solve the mystery and conclude the scavenger hunt, and traversing rocks up the mountain and coming back down on the highest zipline in Canada, every moment has its own memory for each individual.

I have many memories that make me laugh and smile and so does each camper. I am sure you have heard all about your daughter’s adventures at her week of summer camp.

The best part of the last three weeks is all the smiles I saw and the laughter I heard along the shoreline of Lac Bouchette at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane.

As the sun sets on the lake and behind the hills, we look forward to being with you again next year.

Until then …….Super Eagle signing off

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WWWTA – Week 3 – Campers rise to the challenges at summer camp!

In the 2014 season of Wonderful Weeks at Wa-Thik-Ane, a few new challenges were added to the summer challenge crest selection: camp tour and sleeping under the stars.

Waterfront prepared a scavenger hunt camp tour for the adventure campers today and they were able to have two lovely young Girl Scouts from Florida join them in the tour – what a great way to visit the camp! To achieve the camp tour crest, one must visit each site of the camp. Adding a scavenger hunt to the visit of the sites creates a challenge and fun for the older campers. While the campers ran from site to site looking for the answers to their sheet of questions, we took Angela, a Daisy leader from Girl Scouts in Florida on a casual tour of the camp.

Everyone gathered at Stavert Lodge after the camp tour for some tuck (candy) and a little social time.

Unfortunately, the wind postponed our short lake swim but not the swimming. The campers braved what I thought was cooler weather and enjoyed what for some was a short swim and others a full swim time.

Last night, the campers were in charge of their dinner. After swim they worked on building a good fire and cutting, peeling, and pre-boiling some potatoes to add to their meatballs and vegetables in their foil packs to cook over the coals of a good fire. Dessert was “Cherry Surprise” (two Dad’s cookies with cherry pie filling in the middle) also wrapped in foil over and warmed in the coals of the campfire.

Excited to sleep under the stars!

Excited to sleep under the stars!

As nightfall approached Leah and Trista, who had already applied their camp make up, prepared their bed rolls to sleep outside under the sky of stars to earn their “Sleep under the Stars” crest.

Until tomorrow …….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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WWWTA – Week 3 – Flying up and away during Adventure Week

Sunday brought our Adventure campers to site and along with them a few big storms. The evening found us together in the marquee singing in a circle of benches with hot chocolate, chicken noodle soup or camp soup (chicken noodle and vegetable accidently mixed together) with crackers. Katie and Leah even treated us to some guitar playing to accompany our singing.

Monday morning began with learning to make outdoor cooking racks, laundry racks and shelters. Then the hot weather brought us down to the beach for boat lake swim, boating and swim time.

Tuesday was our first out-trip and with new physical and weather challenges. We boarded the bus and headed out to Tyroparc under cloudy skies. The adventures of Ferrata which is traversing a rock face and ziplining awaited us on arrival. However, once geared up and on the practice wall, the sky darkened and our departure was delayed with some thunderstorms. With patience and good conversation we passed the time and then the sky lightened and we were on our way!

The Ferrata was a challenge for some campers and leaders but they were willing to give it a try- which is what Adventure Week is all about.  Leah, a Pathfinder camper, said going down the zipline was one of the best adventures in her life to date, and that is even after coming home from a trip to China! Pauline, one of my co-Guiders said she was so proud of herself for completing both activities that she was afraid to do at the start of the day, even after her rescue from the zipline when she didn’t quite make it to the other end.

Our afternoon activities were delayed once again by another series of thunderstorms but after a quick call to the bus company and some willing guides to stay and work a little later, we managed to all get a chance to climb up and fly!

Until tomorrow …….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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WWWTA- Week 3 – Wa-Thik-Ane Campers Come and Go

Friday was a busy day at camp with the normal swimming, boating and plain old fashioned camp fun! Some girls prepared on Friday in hopes to sleep under the stars on Friday night but unfortunately Mother Nature did not cooperate. Our Pathfinders slept in the marquee as an alternative and enjoyed that experience.

Friday afternoon brought the Wee campers in to Mic Mac, which happens to be the favorite site of Super Eagle. The Moms and their Sparks were able to enjoy some rustic camping with no electricity and cooking on a fuel stove or the wood stove. The weather cooperated by holding off the thunder storms and rain until the wee hours of Sunday morning. They celebrated Christmas in July, swam and did some boating- so all around a fun weekend with a full taste of the Wa-Thik-ane life. Even a slug on a leaf can get four Sparks giggling.

We said goodbye to the week two campers on Saturday and hello to the week three (Adventure week) campers on Sunday. Some of them are return campers who went home long enough to launder their stuff and come back for the week of Adventure! We have an awesome week planned with out-trips to Tyro park and the St. Sauveur water park.

Until Monday…….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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WWWTA – Week 2 – Wa-Thik-Ane Talent

The sun rose at 5:23 this morning and our early riser Pathfinders were up on the bluff lookout to take in a beautiful sunrise. This is yet another camp challenge crest that campers can achieve when they come as Pathfinders to summer camp. It means getting up at 4 am to hike up the mountain with flashlights and settle in on the lookout rock at the top. The waking up is hard but the reward on a clear morning is so worth it. The bonus in their generation has the a opportunity for a selfie and what a great shot it is!

Not only our Girl Guide campers have fun at summer camp- our summer camp raccoons were caught lounging in one of the tents having a tea party.

Tonight was our camp talent show and talent we do have! We were entertained with skits, songs, guitar playing and much more. It is fantastic to see the girls get up and perform in front of all their summer camp friends with no hesitation. It is also great to be part of the support every person gets when they are up front showing off their talents to the best of their abilities.

Until tomorrow…….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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