Cookie All Stars Share their Tips


Laval-Mille-Iles District is super happy to have eight All Star Cookie sellers this year. It’s the most we’ve ever had in our district!

As we know, cookie selling is sometimes a daunting thing for Girl Guides. It pulls them out of their comfort zone. So how did these girls do it? I took a few minutes and asked 6 of them.

8-year-old Dakota said: “Be polite, and also ask them politely without being rude or anything.”

12-year-old Kira said: “Smile!”

10-year-old Erin said: “Smile, be polite and also say ‘Hello.'”

9-year-old Khloe said: “Give them cookies [samples].”

9-year-old Gabby said: “Don’t be scared!”

And 9-year-old Reiley said: “Well, there were a lot of things..because I was polite [and] they knew my parents or my aunt, one of them took a whole box [case].

The next big question was: “So do you girls think you can do it again next year?”

All: YES!

Some girls find cookie selling hard but these girls proved that with a polite and positive attitude, a beautiful smile, some sampling and a little help from their family, any girl can be a Cookie All Star!

Blog post submitted by Sheryl Quimpo. Sheryl is a Guider with the 1st Argenteuil Sparks and the 1st Two-Mountain Brownies.
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Pincourt District: Doing Good and Having Fun!

Guiding units in Pincourt have had a busy couple of weekends.DSCF3894

Last weekend, girls from Sparks to Pathfinders participated in the Tim Hortons’ “Pitch In” event. The sky was grey with rain misting down on us once in awhile but the girls were in good spirits as they hunted for garbage to pick up in Bellevue Park. They worked hard and made an outdoor space as beautiful as it should be. Thanks to Tim Hortons for organizing a great event and for the hot chocolate and coffee to warm up!


This weekend the Pincourt Guides went on a trip downtown to the Grevin wax museum. We travelled by bus, had a picnic in Dorchester Park on a beautiful sunny day and then went on a short walk to the museum. The girls had a great time visiting the exhibition and said it was “a bit creepy” how real the wax figures are.



A small scavenger hunt had been prepared for them to answer simple questions on the different eras and events. It was fun trying out the props to take fantastic photos of the girls alongside the characters. How many of us can say we stood beside the Queen and had a conversation with her? It definitely is a great way to learn a little history!


Another walk outside brought us to St. Mary’s Cathedral where we enjoyed popsicles as we sat on the grounds and admired the surrounding architecture. Then a walk down the hill brought us to Windsor station where we had a short chat about the original Montreal train station and checked out the photos on display of the days gone by and train travel. We headed down the stairs and back onto public transit to make our way home from a great day!

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A “Using Your Resources Wisely” Kind of Guest

When we think of having guest speakers visit our units, we often invite professionals in our community or that parent/friend/acquaintance that has a special skill/interest or interesting job.

Sometimes we forget that our very own Guider friends have special skills and interests outside of Guiding that they would LOVE to share with the girls!

On St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17th, the 82nd Montreal Guiding Unit had a St. Patrick’s Day Party.  The highlight of the meeting was Irish dancing with Lizzie Knowles…Yes, THAT Lizzie, the Communications and PR Coordinator for Quebec Council and Guider in Monklands District.

Since we are mixed unit, we split up into 2 groups: Sparks and Brownies together and Guides on their own.


With each group, Lizzie first gathered the girls to show them her different shoes, wigs, medals and of course THE DRESS.  Lizzie then did a demonstration of her amazing dancing skills after which she taught us a few basic steps.  We then put it all together and danced to music.  The Sparks and Brownies learnt a simple dance while the Guides learnt a more complicated one that involved partners and changing directions.  Many of our Guides have other types of dance experience so they were up for the challenge!



Some of our girls walked in the St Patrick’s Day Parade 2 days later and when they saw a group of Irish dancers, they excitedly said: “I did that!”


The girls had an amazing time and if Lizzie is up for it, she may be invited back again next year!


This blog post was written by Patricia Tellis from the 82nd Montreal Guiding Unit. You can read two of her previous posts here: A Great Start to the Guiding Year and Celebrating Youth and Finding Inspiration at WE Day.

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I Took My Seat in Parliament!


Marchemma 8, 2017, International women’s day, was particularly memorable for me and 337
other young women. We took our seats in Parliament through Equal Voice, a multi-partisan organization with the goal of promoting the participation of women in elected roles at all three levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal). 2017 was chosen as the special year to hold it as it marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of certain women’s right to vote in Canada.

One woman aged 18 to 23 from every federal riding was selected to participate in the event. It was an amazing opportunity to meet the future leaders of our country. Even though we are young, many of us are very involved in politics, be it through youth associations of political parties, student unions, or general community involvement. This meant that Girl Guide leaders fit the profile of people they were looking for. I was encouraged by Girl Guides to apply to the program and I did. In February received the exciting news that I was selected.

On February 15, 2017, all the Quebec delegates traveled by train to Quebec City to be introduced to the program. Fast forward to Monday, March 6, when we travelled to Ottawa for the big adventure: we had our first day of fascinating speakers and inspiring women – the theme of the day was policy.

On Wednesday, March 8, we marched over to Parliament and took our respective seats. I had the privilege of sitting in the seat for Bellechasse-Les Etchemins-Lévis in the House of Commons. This federal riding was established in 2003 and I was the first woman to occupy the seat. We had the opportunity to use this platform and visibility to bring attention to issues that young Canadian women hold near and dear to our hearts, such as accessibility to education, services for Indigenous Peoples and the protection of cultural and religious minorities.

KimCampbellThe Honourable Kim Campbell, the first and only female Prime minister of Canada, shared her enthusiasm about this groundbreaking event. Our time in the House of Commons ended with a speech from the leaders of Canada’s main parties.

Our presence at parliament was particularly meaningful as there were more women taking a seat in parliament than there have ever been in Canadian history. This news traveled the world and this what one UK member of parliament had to say:

“I am not sure whether the Leader of the House is aware of the Daughters of the Vote event that was held at the Canadian Parliament on International Women’s Day. Young women from each of Canada’s 338 constituencies or ridings sat in Parliament to gain experience and communicate their vision for Canada, hopefully inspiring them to participate in the political process for years to come. Can we have a debate in this place on how we can encourage more women into politics?”– Gavin Newlands (Paisley and Renfrewshire North) (Scottish National Party) on March 16 2017.

The theme for our last day was leadership and we got some helpful tips on how to get involved in the electoral process. They emphasized the importance of going door to door – who knew selling cookies might be the secret the creating the next female Prime minister?


Coming home I feel overwhelmed by the power of the event and the number of like-minded women who wish to see more female representation in decision-making positions. I am grateful for the wonderful experience. I was honored to take my seat in this historic event.

Emma Predan-Lépine is a Guider with the 4th Beacon Hill Guides in Lakeshore district.

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Brownie Superhero Academy

On Saturday, February 18th, over 70 Brownies and 20 Guiders joined in the fun at our 2nd Provincial Superhero Academy Day held at Mountainside United Church in Westmount. As part of earning the Be You Challenge, the girls got to make superhero shields and capes and build a personal self-esteem tree which they could take home. Brownies also gave back to the community by preparing St. Patrick’s Day tray favors for the local Meals on Wheels and bringing in non-perishable food items for the local food bank, highlighting this year’s National Service Project to help end poverty.

The day would not have been complete without a visit from Superhero Darwin, a magnificent great horned owl, who captivated the Brownies by showing off his very own superhero bird of prey skills.


The afternoon ended with a rousing zumba class so that the girls and their leaders could burn off some energy while keeping their superhero bodies strong and powerful.


Our closing was a campfire led by a wonderful group of Rangers who were also very involved in the planning and preparation of the Event.

Congratulations to all the graduates…until the next Superhero Academy!


A shout out to my very own superhero team Donna Collister, Gigi Cordeiro, Nancy Shaw, Holli Drum, Helena Green, Lisa O’Brien and the Lakeshore and Valois-Dorval Rangers, without whose wonderful help and imagination, this day would not have been possible.

This blog post was written by Charyl Hyndman, Québec Provincial Program Adviser.


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A STEM Visit to Medtronic


When I suggested the idea of bringing my Brownie unit to visit my workplace to a couple of my co-workers at Medtronic, I never thought it would turn into such an amazing visit for the whole district!!!

So there we were, months later, on a dark and cold Monday evening in January:  47 Sparks, Brownies, and Guides along with their Guiders and unit assistants arriving at the reception doors of my workplace, not really knowing what to expect from their visit to Medtronic.  We were greeted by 15 of my amazing co-workers who volunteered their time (after a long day’s work) to assist in any way they could.


Everyone was given a visitor badge — individually personalized with their names printed on the front (a highlight of the night for the Sparks!)!  Our opening songs were performed for our hosts, who were impressed by our amazing singing and marching skills 😉   Rules were communicated, and we were led into the large training room.

We were met by Teresa Mihalik, an incredibly bright and accomplished engineer, who explained the inner workings of the heart.  The girls learned the difference between a healthy heart rhythm and a diseased heart rhythm, using a bicycle pump as an example.  Many questions were asked, and Teresa was up to the challenge of answering them all!


Pretty soon we were whisked away and sent to different group activities by unit.

The Sparks were invited to take part in the “Fairytale Challenge”, where they had 3 STEM kits to choose from.  The girls worked in teams to build their kits.

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Build 3 chairs to support the three bears.


  • Three Billy Goats Gruff: Build a bridge to hold 3 goats and tall enough for the troll to stand underneath


  • Three Little Pigs: Build a house strong enough to keep out the big bad wolf.


The Brownies were invited into the R&D lab to try out some experiments.  They learned a bit about cryoenergy, guessed at what was under microscopes, played operation, dressed up in cleanroom gowns, and got to fish for underwater dinosaurs using a cryocatheter!!  It was awesome!!!

DSC_1173.JPGdsc_1045dsc_1048dsc_1206Guides were challenged with the task of building the tallest tower using a specific list of materials:

  • 20 dried spaghetti noodles
  • 1 marshmallow
  • 12 inch piece of masking tape
  • 12 inch piece of string

The teamwork and levels of concentration were astounding!!

dsc_1150dsc_1097dsc_1020After a quick snack of bear paws and water, we headed back to the reception area for a group photo and our closing songs.



Thank you Medtronic!!!  What an incredible visit… We look forward to our next one!


Lisa Labelle

Riverdale Brownie Guider

Member of QC Council

(Oh… and employee of Medtronic)


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A Rockin’ Great Sleepover

In January, the 2nd Lakeshore Pathfinders hosted an amazing sleepover. We had many activities planned, and all had so much fun!

Fiona, our leader brought RockBand. We set it up and started to play. We had one singer, a drummer and a guitarist. While some rocked on, others played board games. As a group, we then made a three-course meal.

One of the best parts was cooking. A few girls made leek and potato soup for an appetizer, others made pasta for the main course and the final group made Girl Guide cookie chocolate mint squares for dessert.


After supper, we made short films. We used props and practiced our acting. We all pitched in and brought some food like cookies, fruit, vegetables for snacks and breakfast. We watched Hercules — well most of us did — the rest were sleeping. In the morning we did a music quiz with Nikki. This was a great weekend and we had a lot of fun.

Sierra is a first-year Pathfinder with the 2nd Lakeshore Pathfinders. Read her previous blog post here.

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