Remembering our veterans during enrollment

We have just had a Remembrance Day enrollment. All the unit leaders were nervous about holding it on this day, but we realised that after finishing the program work in You in Guiding, our enrollment ceremony would be in early November, it seemed like the right thing to do. It also coincided with our unit meeting.

NL_Rem_enrollment_2015_02The first thing we did was contact parents to poll them about the theme and if there were concerns about it. The response we got back was supportive and parents expressing they were happy for this.

At our unit meeting before enrollment, we explained the theme to our Guides and talked about Remembrance Day. Each and every Guide was interested in the theme. During our preparation, we made poppies in little pots, wrote letters to veterans and coloured in small paper poppies.NL_Rem_enrollment_2015

We discussed the importance of the poppy, the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ and talked about what we normally see in a Remembrance Day ceremony. We all decided that we should hold a moments silence and sing the national anthem. The Guides even discussed if they should sing this in French or English (they voted on French because more knew that version since they sing that before hockey games.)

On the day of the ceremony we asked all parents to come forty minutes before we normally finish our unit meeting. This let us have one final practice and perfect our last few things. We turned the base of the flag pole into a giant poppy with sheets and then circled that with the poppies in pots we had made. We practiced the enrollment ceremony and marching into the room while singing the Guiding Law.

RoseAnna, our DC, haNL_Rem_enrollment_2015_03d invited a veteran, Bob, to come and speak to the
girls. We introduced him to all the parents and girls, and he read a poem about why we wear a poppy. Then, we held a moments silence. We made sure we had the Last Post music and the Reveille. Everyone was very moved by our two minutes of silence, including me. Afterwards, each girl placed a poppy on the wreath before making their promise.

The ring of poppies that has now been donated to Meals on Wheels and our Remembrance wreath will be donated to the veterans at St Anne’s Hospital along with the letters the girls wrote the week before.NL_Rem_enrollment_2015_04

After the ceremony, I was so proud of each of our Guides. Many parents thanked us in person, or sent emails afterwards, for making their daughter’s enrollment part of something bigger
and holding a ceremony that incorporated Remembrance Day.

By Jo Povall, a Guider with the 1st Northern Lights Guide Unit. 

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Our Guiding Family – Pointe-Claire District

It is not enough to acknowledge that Pointe-Claire District is one big family; you have to celebrate how they continue to make Guiding a greaClaire_Brittany_OGFt experience.

Claire Morier and Brittany Batten
District Commissioners

For Claire Morier and Brittany Batten, it all began when they took on the roles of Commissioner for Pointe-Claire District, where it all comes together! Through mutual respect, self-knowledge and innovative ideas, these ladies share a common interest coupled with an openness to be creative, flexible and listen.

About Claire:Claire_Brittany_2
Claire loves baking and trying new recipes.  She is a big reader so when she is not baking, she is usually enjoying a cup of tea and a good book.  Claire would love the opportunity to take part in an international trip with Guiding, as she has never been on one.

About Brittany:
Brittany is a nature lover and spends as much time as she can outdoors.  Besides camping, she enjoys golf and biking.  You will also find her snowboarding and snowshoeing.  She also loves cooking, which she finds therapeutic.

These young ladies are shown here at one of our Provincial Events “A Taste of Guiding” which took place last May.  They ran a minute-to-win-it station

Their go-to resource:
As a teacher, Guider and Co-Commissioner, much of Brittany’s inspiration comes from her peers.  Within Guiding, she incorporates a lot of the girls’ interests in meeting activities.

As a Guider and Co-Commissioner, Claire is very approachable and is at ease sharing her experiences with everyone she crosses within Guiding. Both of them agree that their main go-to resources are other experienced Guiders.  Claire also admitted spending too much time online and, like most of us, Brittany loves Pinterest!

A Eureka moment as District Commissioner:
Leading their first district meeting, Claire realized the magnitude of their responsibilities and felt that providing direction, order and the right motivation was intimidating but also an chance to communicate great Guiding.  She was relieved by attending District Commissioner meetings and listening to more experienced DCs.  There is so much support available if you know the right places to look.

Best activity with Guiders:
While Brittany has been an avid camper ever since she was a little girl, one of her best activities would include any camp whether with her unit or as a District.  Whenever Claire has a chance to socialize outside of the district and unit meetings, she feels it is nice getting to know Guiders outside of a strictly Guiding context.

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Our Guiding Family – Hayes-Apple Valley


Gladys McCaig
District Commissioner

Leadership is a big part in the role of District Commissioner, and engaging Guiders on all levels is how District Commissioners get the best out of their volunteers. Gladys has been key in keeping Hayes-Apple Valley thrive through challenges and change. She understands and cares very much for the ladies and girls in her district. If you attend a district meeting, you will certainly share a few laughs. Gladys can kick-start any idea as long as it is fun for the girls!

Her go-to resource(s)
Provincial office, Dawn, Piccolo, Dropbox, Canadian Guider, Member Zone,

Her Eureka moment as District Commissioner
Geez……I have done this before!

What she had to learn on the fly
Being DC second time around. Gladys was Commissioner from 1985 and 1990, and again from 2007 to the present.

Best activity with her Guiders
BBQ in the summer, an Ottawa trip and most of all CAMPS!

The biggest undertaking as District Commissioner
Rallying Guiders to attend district meetings to share ideas and express their creative abilities.

“Always listen to your Guiders”

At District Meetings, you will find
Different ideas and voices and laughter.

Now is a good time to
Get to know different leaders and District Commissioners ☺

We would like her to know
 That she has helped shape Girl Guides in the communities around her and has done so with passion and a strong sense of purpose. We are thrilled that she travels to Montréal to join us on DC days. Thank you Gladys!

This interview first appeared in the May Piccolo newsletter. The Our Guiding Family interviews are created by DC Support Specialist Elaine Keeble. Get in touch with her at

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Our Sea of Cortez Experience!

Marissa and Michelle were chosen to take part in the summer 2015 Sea of Cortez, Mexico national trip. They swam and snorkeled and helped coastal communities during eight excellent days. Click on the page below to read about their trip!


Take a look at the upcoming nationally sponsored trips too!

Marissa is a Ranger with the 1st Kirkland Rangers. Michelle is a Ranger with the Richelieu Ranger Unit.

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Our Guiding Family! Anne Girard

District Commissioner since June, 2014

Annie Girard is the District Commissioner of Des Montérégiennes

DC Annie Girard

Annie with PC Valerie and the first two girls to register for 2015-2016, Kassandra and Claire!

érégiennes district. When Annie applied for this provincial position, she felt this was where she needed to be to make a difference in her district. Taking on this position, she is

  • Developing new skills while sharpening her leadership and management skills!
  • Expanding her horizons, gaining valuable experience working with Guiders in her geographically wide spread district, and exploring new membership options to make a difference in the girls’ lives.
  • Getting more involved in the community!

We would like to salute Annie for all her hard work. As a new District Commissioner, we asked her to tell us all about her new role and share some tips.

Her go-to resource
Ingrid Hamel (past DC) and Elaine Keeble

Her Eureka moment as District Commissioner
Participating at the Provincial level.

What she had to learn on the fly
How to hold a District meeting.

Best activity with her Guiders
Holiday pot-luck! The best!

The biggest undertaking as District Commissioner
The role of District Commissioner.

“Listen to everyone”

Annie’s Guiding mantra

At District Meetings, you will find
Tea, smiles and friendships.

Now is a good time to
Make new friends

We would like her to know: That her hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated and that she is an asset to Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada. She has good knowledge and understanding of management and organization. We would also like her to know that we love her warm smile! ☺

This interview first appeared in the April Piccolo newsletter. The Our Guiding Family interviews are created by DC Support Specialist Elaine Keeble. Get in touch with her at

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WWWTA – Week 3 – Thanks for another great season!

It is hard to believe that three fabulous weeks have already passed. I saw many returning friends and made many new friends, all of which I look forward to spending time on the peaceful waters with again in 2016.

From the simple days swimming in the lake, to finding clues to solve the mystery and conclude the scavenger hunt, and traversing rocks up the mountain and coming back down on the highest zipline in Canada, every moment has its own memory for each individual.

I have many memories that make me laugh and smile and so does each camper. I am sure you have heard all about your daughter’s adventures at her week of summer camp.

The best part of the last three weeks is all the smiles I saw and the laughter I heard along the shoreline of Lac Bouchette at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane.

As the sun sets on the lake and behind the hills, we look forward to being with you again next year.

Until then …….Super Eagle signing off

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WWWTA – Week 3 – Campers rise to the challenges at summer camp!

In the 2014 season of Wonderful Weeks at Wa-Thik-Ane, a few new challenges were added to the summer challenge crest selection: camp tour and sleeping under the stars.

Waterfront prepared a scavenger hunt camp tour for the adventure campers today and they were able to have two lovely young Girl Scouts from Florida join them in the tour – what a great way to visit the camp! To achieve the camp tour crest, one must visit each site of the camp. Adding a scavenger hunt to the visit of the sites creates a challenge and fun for the older campers. While the campers ran from site to site looking for the answers to their sheet of questions, we took Angela, a Daisy leader from Girl Scouts in Florida on a casual tour of the camp.

Everyone gathered at Stavert Lodge after the camp tour for some tuck (candy) and a little social time.

Unfortunately, the wind postponed our short lake swim but not the swimming. The campers braved what I thought was cooler weather and enjoyed what for some was a short swim and others a full swim time.

Last night, the campers were in charge of their dinner. After swim they worked on building a good fire and cutting, peeling, and pre-boiling some potatoes to add to their meatballs and vegetables in their foil packs to cook over the coals of a good fire. Dessert was “Cherry Surprise” (two Dad’s cookies with cherry pie filling in the middle) also wrapped in foil over and warmed in the coals of the campfire.

Excited to sleep under the stars!

Excited to sleep under the stars!

As nightfall approached Leah and Trista, who had already applied their camp make up, prepared their bed rolls to sleep outside under the sky of stars to earn their “Sleep under the Stars” crest.

Until tomorrow …….Super Eagle signing off

Text and photos by Super Eagle, aka Joanne Cardinal, WWWTA Summer Camp Coordinator

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