It’s a wrap!

Saturday, August 3rd

It’s a wrap! It is hard to believe another season of WWWTA has come to an end. We are so fortunate to have this beautiful camp where campers can come and enjoy the beauty of nature and our splendid waterfront. Each season I have the privilege of seeing old friendships rekindled as they run to each other in the parking with squeals of delight and the chatter begins on events in their lives over the past year mixed in with the excitement of the time to be spent together in the coming week. The eagle’s feathers may be grey but I am so grateful to have watched some of these wonderful young ladies grow up and I am proud to call them my camp friends.


The camp challenges are such a big part of the camp season and many are repeated for the fun involved while doing them. Returning Pathfinders lead new Pathfinders on the Camp Tour so they to can earn their crest. As the campers grow so does the level of swim challenges grow with them. It has become obvious that we need new challenge crests as the older campers want to complete a second pie and there are not enough slices for two pies!

file3-34   file4-22

I want to say a special thanks to the office staff and my sidekick JJ, without you this camp would not have come together. Also, a huge thank you to all the volunteers who gave up whatever time they could in answer to a huge call out for help. The memories and friendships these campers are going home with are possible thanks to the time and skills you share. I know it is a busy time as a volunteer on site but I hope you enjoyed your 2019 stay at Wa-Thik-Ane.

file3-33    file2-42

Mother Nature treated our campers to some beautiful weather this year which enabled all our activities to run smoothly. From onsite activities to camping on the bluff trail overnight, climbing across rock faces, zip lining down above the mountain face and canoeing the L’Assomption river, the memories are endless. So, campers I have a challenge for you; let’s take our stories and share them around our unit campfires to entice new friendships at future WWWTA summer camps.

file2-43  file1-44

As I close another season, we chat about ways to make next season better and I look forward to seeing you all again. Thanks for coming and being a part of my summer.

Super Eagle

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