Travel Stories: Guiding Mudsaic


Margaret Marak: Core Crew


I participated on the Guiding Mosaic 2016 Core Crew staff on the Adventure Bay Lifeguarding team. I had the most incredible, life changing experience. This camp and the people I spent my time with really helped me find my way back into Guiding.


The team was fantastic and I enjoyed every single moment of my time in Sylvan Lake Alberta, at camp Woods. Getting to spend every day at the waterfront was such a blessing. I got the opportunity to challenge and improve my skills at Guiding Mosaic. Despite the weather and some challenges everyone pulled through and we all worked together as a team. The friendships I made are going to be ones for a lifetime. The adventures and memories are ones for the books.


I loved every moment of camp and I would not trade any of it for the world. I love my new sisters in Guiding and Guiding Mosaic 2016 provided an amazing place to make new friends, challenge skills and create new memories.


Heather Martin: Guider with the Québec pathfinders

15 Quebec Pathfinders went to Camp Woods in Sylvan Lake….we fenced, rolled in hamster balls, did archery, prepared robots for a trip to Pluto, learned dances, new crafts with tiles, copper, chainmail and paper, sailed, canoes, dragon boated, learned self defense, team building during program sessions. We went to the Calgary Stampede and cleaned a beach in Sylvan Lake, we made new friends from across Canada and around the world, we swapped, danced and had a great time at Guiding mosaic 2016.


Some participants explored Alberta before GM2016. They’re seen here at the Glacier Skywalk learning about grizzly bears and mountain goats!


Thank you everyone who supported our fundraising and helped sell cookies! It was an amazing trip!

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