Departures and Arrivals


Friday brought our trail campers home. They were tired but a good portion of them were happy. It wasn’t for everyone but, as I told the campers, they tried the trail camping and figured out it wasn’t their favourite – that’s valuable knowledge too! Either way, they should all be very proud of themselves as they worked hard and learnt a lot. They circled Ranger Lake and spent the night off the trail close to the bluff.


They got up at the first bird chirp in time to share the sunrise at the bluff.


They headed back to break camp and make breakfast before hiking back down following the steep side of the bluff. This enabled them to learn how to chain pass packs down a steep cliff. Teamwork is what makes it successful!


They are taking home some great memories and stories to tell, I am sure!


Fern and Coral have been busy during the evening hours repurposing a rubber bowling pin. We now have a new member on our waterfront team. Gully has a stern eye on the waterfront and holds a solid position. The great part is that he doesn’t need to eat meals on site or take up a bed in staff housing and he is our only unpaid waterfront staff; ssshhhh don’t tell him!



Mom and Me campers arrived in good time on Friday which eased my worries. With 49 Mom and daughter arrivals and the majority needing swim testing, I was worried about getting through it in time. We have a solid waterfront team and campers were eager and ready to get in the water, it went super well. Saturday brought lots of swim time and boating for the two sites and a good start to the Camp Tour challenge.


Saturday evening, the two sites of Mom and Me campers came together for a campfire at central campfire. It was a wonderful evening of filled with music and, as the sun began its descent, the good old camp tradition of s’mores took place around the coals of the campfire.


The day came to an end with some eager badge earners sleeping under the stars.


Sunday morning brought warm temperatures and the completion of the camp tour with an added attraction of a hike to the bluff for some Moms. Thanks for sharing the weekend with us and see you next season!


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