Some Mid-Week Fun

Wednesday is Regatta day – the sun was out but it was windy so a bit of a cooler day. Campers had a hearty breakfast and headed off to waterfront to join in the action in their teams. A round of water games and puzzles had the little ones wrapped in towels and big sweatshirts to warm them up. Freezies were still the choice for the morning treat!


After all the games were played and the teams won the elements to make their rafts, it was time for them to get building. The participants were all ready until…wait a moment…there is was intruder with a very deluxe raft. It was impossible that they had earned all those pieces. After a discussion with the head judge (Super Eagle) it was determined that they were entering for fun! After a roll over and second attempt to board the waterfront crafts, the participants were once again ready, the teams were lining the shore and also ready with their team cheer: on your mark, get set, go!


Amanda definitely took the lead with Lydia a solid second. As Amanda touched the finish line, Lesley went into full steam ahead mode as she has saved some energy for a sprint at the end. Lydia fell into third and Lesley took second place. A good race for the spectators!


After Regatta and a tasty lunch of tacos in a bag, we said goodbye to some happy Sparks and Brownies. They enjoyed a super three nights at Wa-Thik-Ane and we hope to see them back for a week next summer. They are all ready for it!

Late in the afternoon 3 campers challenged themselves to the Short Lake Swim and earned the crest — super swim campers.


Evening brought program for the Guides with the Maori stick game, some daytime astronomy and a peaceful view at the “Quiet Place” rock overlooking a calm Ranger Lake. I heard through the winds that the Guides have written some great stories to go with the constellations they created. Stay tuned to read those in tomorrow’s blog!


The Pathfinders on trail camp were sitting in the marquee planning and prepping for their overnight hike off-site. The volume was at a typical young teen level when one of the campers spotted a deer coming on site. I went to investigate and, sure enough, the two youngsters had come to listen in on the trail campers’ itinerary. Keep an eye out on the trails, campers, I think you might have some followers. By the way, your dehydrated dinner prep looks great. Bon appetite on the trail.


Super Eagle

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