A Deep Love for Camp and Camp Life

Waterfront and program staff at Wa-Thik-Ane are so much more than lifeguards and boating specialists. They embrace the camp life and help out in so many more ways. They have been busy on an adventure reviving old camp signs they found and making the waterfront area look amazing and fun. A few nails and voila we have a sign that is interchangeable with a different message every day; today’s adventure is “Be Prepared.”


After hard work they deserved a little cooling off in the water and fun, so today they adventured out on the paddleboard for some yoga on the water!


The wind came up on the lake mid-afternoon which caused a small delay in the departure of the Blueberry Island Lifejacket Swim Challenge. A late departure meant a delayed return and closing of waterfront and then, after a quick change and fast dinner, they prepared and led an amazing campfire for the campers. Part of working and volunteering at WWWTA is a deep love for the camp and camp life!


Sparks and Brownies headed off for their camp tour and had a wonderful visit down the road pass Youngson campfire known today as central campfire all the way to Mic Mac (Mi’kmaq), my favourite campsite with a running creek and bridge over to Chippewa. On their way back up the trail, they stopped at Mohawk for a morning snack before heading back to waterfront for boating. It was a busy morning for little camper feet indeed.


Guides had a busy morning too. They went boating and with small numbers they pretty well have a 1:2 teaching ratio. They should make some awesome paddlers by the end of the camp week. They also did some compass and trail making signs with Coral, our program staff member. They used a compass to draw a planned shape following cardinal directions and then made their own for others to follow: Great skills to have!


Our trail campers were busy yesterday finishing up their walking sticks and enjoying the wood-burning tools to create unique designs. They also prepped their food for dehydration. We will be able to have a sneak peek of their trail meal tomorrow if all goes well with the dehydrating. It’s easy to put a tent, you say? Well, Coral can make it a challenge with oven mitts and blindfolds. They are definitely all set for pitching the tents on the trail later this week.


From the rays of sunshine as we paddle the lake to the sun lowering to the evening sky on the water, it was another beautiful day at Camp Wa-Thik-Ane (Wa’kan ne:kaien).



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