Cheese and Fire…YUM!

The weather gods certainly have blessed us: the days are sunny and warm and the nights are cooling off for a great sleep.


Boating was busy yesterday with dry dock on day 1. The campers lined up and learn the different strokes as they sat on the sides of the boating dock. They were also able to get their swim time in and the boat swim was small in numbers but a great success for all those who participated.


Brownies and Guides made their own grilled cheese on buddy burners for lunch yesterday (a large tin can placed over a small tin can filled with cardboard and wax that acts as a burner) while the Pathfinder trail campers melted wax and made burlap bags to cook theirs in.



The Pathfinders have been busy learning new skills to cook on the trail and making walking sticks and all kinds of cool things. We have two awesome volunteers with lots of skills to share with these girls on site. They are lucky campers! Trail camp will definitely be a returning camp, maybe even over two weeks of smaller one week groups next year!



Super Eagle

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