A Road Trip to the National Trefoil Gathering in Sudbury

Our day started 7am when Margaret and Beryl arrived at the house. We packed the Ford Fusion that I had rented and then we were off to pick up Corry. The stop for lunch was more fun for the little black flies than it was for us, so we popped back into the car and ate there.

We got to Laurentian University in Sudbury at 3:30pm, unloaded the car, registered and moved our luggage up to the fourth-floor dormitory. The Residence was set up with four bedrooms, two at one side with a bathroom at the end and the same on the other side. There was a large common room with kitchen facilities and a sitting area in the middle. This setting was very nice and very comfortable.

Supper was in the cafeteria. The walk was a little long for some of the elderly ladies but after sitting for 8 hours we enjoyed the walk. Later, Corry and I walked over to the auditorium with our tablecloth/banner.  Busses were provided if you wanted.

At the opening ceremonies, Barb Nott, the Committee Chair, welcomed us all and there were greetings from Judy Pavlis who introduced the special guests from the UK, the USA and Australia. She also introduced the Service Project that was launched for the Sudbury Children’s Hospital. We were then entertained by the Young Sudbury Singers.

After the long day of travel we popped into the hospitality room where they had a singalong and we had a chance to reacquaint ourselves with other Guiding friends. We did not stay long and went up to our rooms knowing that a full day ahead was waiting for us.


On Thursday morning, we all went off to our different sessions. Beryl went to the Planetarium – it was very very interesting and she learned a lot about our universe and the stars. She also attended a session on rocks where they made an Inuksuk  (the stone messenger ee-nuk-shuck). She plans to teach her great nieces and nephews this summer.

Margaret learned about and tried out geocaching and also did paddle painting.  The trainer was Cissy Bourget’s daughter. Small world!  Margaret and Corry both had a session leader that spoke about some of the highlights of Sudbury.  Corry did some tile coaster art. I choose to go to Fashion Through Time and learned why and when forks and knives as well as many other everyday items were dreamed up and put in place.  My afternoon was filled with belly dancing and meditation from the girl who I did Yoga wih in the morning. After this fun fun-filled day we relaxed for a while in the hospitality room where they had a campfire.


On Friday morning after breakfast, we all picked up our box lunches and headed off to our chosen out-trips. Beryl went to tour Sudbury and the surrounding area.  She went to a farm museum, an old railroad museum and the Heritage Centre and on a walking tour of Copper-cliff.  This was very interesting as they saw some history of the locations.

Margaret took an outing to an old railway station which is now a museum with information on the trains and old shops in Sudbury, then on a short boat trip across the lake, rode the Carousels and went on a miniature train ride (the cars were rather small!) and saw the house where the Dionne Quints were born.  Margaret met their nephew.  All quite interesting!

Corry took a day trip, where she painted at the same place as one of the Group of Seven did his painting at Onaping Falls many years ago.


I took a museum stroll in downtown Sudbury with the same session leader with whom I did the belly dancing. It was quite interesting to see the local artwork.  At the end of our tour, we went to an art studio and each made a piece of art or jewellery. That evening Beryl, Corry, Margaret and I went back to our dorm and compared our days with each other.

Saturday after breakfast, busses were offered to those who wanted but Corry and I choose to walk to the Fraser Auditorium for the plenary session. This was when each provincial advisor went up on stage to play Family Feud.

After lunch, the Liaisons had a short meeting where we discussed having a common National Trefoil brochure.


That evening was the Banquet, filled with lots of good food and great company.  There were delegates from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Sudbury’s Mayor Al Sizer welcomed all of us and then the provincial presentations were shown throughout the dinner. Afterwards, Kristen Brutto, a local singer, entertained us.


After breakfast the next morning, Beryl, Corry, Margaret and I walked over to the Fraser Auditorium for the closing. There, we saw a picture show of the week’s events and reported back on the service project results.


An auction of aprons that were worn by the committee earned over $700 for the CWFF. The next province hosting the National Trefoil Gathering (Winnipeg, Manitoba) was announced and Judy and Barb passed on the banner and the lantern.

After the closing, it was time to settle in for our long drive home. We decided to find a place to eat lunch. I spotted a small park along the roadside with picnic tables and it was perfect: there was a nice breeze and we spotted a gas station where we could take a break if we wanted to. Back home, we all stumbled out of the car with our legs a bit shaky and stiff but we were safe and sound.

Blog post by Ellen Gauthier, Provincial Trefoil Liaison for Québec. The Trefoil Guild is a membership activity for women over 30. Often Trefoil Guild members have been members of Guiding in a variety of roles for many years, and join the Trefoil Guild to keep in touch with the organization and each other. To become a Trefoil Guild member, please reach out to qc-trefoil-trefle@guidescanada.ca.

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