Camp WTA has a ‘quiet spot’? Shhhhh

Thursday July 18th

As we near the end of the week the day gets busier with campers completing challenges. Guides slept under the stars last night and were very excited to have completed their challenge crest. There were a few who amazed me as they took on the challenge and completed it – way to go campers!

Morning brought a paddle to Blueberry Island for the Guides with the opportunity to swim at the island, a favourite for returning campers. We even had an extra camper come with us; “Bunny” and he was able to have the safest ride possible, strapped to our senior boating specialist. Thank you Pip for letting Bunny join us.



Brownies were busy swimming, boating and hiking all around camp. While coming up from swim the Brownie campers were able to have a good long look at some of our camp residents.


They are new to our family this Spring and are very relaxed at camp life. They completed their “Camp Tour” crest by visiting all the campsites at Wa-Thik-Ane. A special stop was made at the “Quiet Place” which is a beautiful spot overlooking Ranger Lake; the perfect spot to have a break and collect one’s thoughts. Shhhhsh don’t pass on the info that it is Super Eagles’ hiding spot. They will be ready for a good sleep tonight.

Afternoon brought calm waters and the opportunity for Guide and Pathfinder campers to complete the Short Lake Swim. About 15 or so swimmers entered the water and had a great swim. It is not a race, but a personal challenge and one young camper was determined to make it hers. She swam a steady slow pace to complete a crest that took all of her concentration and physical energy. The last stretch is the shortest with the dock in close reach but also the hardest as one wonders if they have anything left with their legs that feel so heavy. I reached out to hold my hand up for that high 5 as the campers on deck cheered her on to the finish line. Well done and a great selfie with Super Eagle for the happy camper.


Evening brought central campfire where we all joined together for some familiar songs around the fire. This is one of my favourite events at summer camp.

Super Eagle

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