July 8th at Wa-Thik-Ane

Sunday morning brought our first group of excited week-long campers in to camp. Old friends were excited to see one another, and new friendships were building from the start. Our resident deer was even at the parking lot when I was setting up to check out what all the excitement was about. The campers anxiously awaited as I made the rounds with Hildegard transporting luggage from the parking to sites. They seemed to worry that when their luggage was dropped off on a tarp in the parking, they may never see it again. However, here at Wa-Thik-Ane we pride ourselves in delivering everything within an hour and a half to all sites! I was met with excitement and squeals of delight “Oh there is mine!”


Monday morning began with a delicious breakfast to prep campers for a day of fun and exercise. Some campers had already taken a morning dip before breakfast to earn their “Morning Dip Challenge” crest. Two more early dips throughout the week and you have the crest, girls! The boats were back out on the water with beginner strokes and laughter. The lake is at a low this year because of dam repairs but it isn’t stopping the busy waterfront, thanks to the Rovers and the team from Scouts who came up last weekend to help us by putting the swimming dock in the water so we could make a swim area.


The afternoon brought the familiar “Row Boat Swim Challenge” where girls of all ages that pass the swim test can jump off the end of the dock, swim to the rowboat, touch it and swim back. We set up a channel of adult volunteers in lifejackets as rest stops if needed and our waterfront staff paddle about making sure everyone is safe. It amazes me the physical and mental strength that these tiny swimmers show as for some of them it is a big swim. As leaders and staff we all have a super feeling of pride and happiness as these little ones touch that dock on return.


Evening brought dusk and darkness and the sounds of campfire songs in the air as I finished up my paperwork of the day in my office. I could not ask for a better place to be.


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