Summer Camp 2019 Begins!

The 2019 camp season opened with a Wee camp for Sparks and their Moms. It is great to see the Moms experience and share our camp’s beauty and all it has to offer with their daughters. Some Moms return many years later with the memories of their childhood guiding years flooding back as they walk around the camp. Friday night arrival was scattered as traffic slowly brought the campers up from the city. Most of them were ready for a quick cool off in the lake to swim test. A late supper, a little social time and then it was off to bed. Saturday morning brought rain but the marquee was buzzing with an assortment of crafts being made.



The skies cleared and there was time for a pre-lunch swim. After lunch, a little siesta and time for another swim and some boating.



And a little treat as they stopped at the tuck shop for their two pieces of candy! As I sat in my office after dinner, I smiled at the sounds of new friendships being made full of giggles and play! The best end to the day at camp is a campfire and I could hear the songs from up the hill as the little campers and their Moms sang around the campfire.

Sunday brought breakfast and packing up with a shuffle of the campsites, down to the Stavert lot for games and a picnic lunch. After lunch, I opened shop so they could buy some souvenirs to take home along with their memories. I received a text after a Mom returned home with her tired camper that says it all “Hi Super Eagle. Thanks again for another great Wee Camp. What a great group of girls and their Moms! And the Leaders and Waterfront Staff made it all happen with so much fun!” Thank you Pip, Lorax, T, Coral, Diamond and Brown Owl for making it happen!

Opening of camp brings about the reunion of my woodland friends and this lovely creature visited me early one morning as I was having my coffee.


Wa-Thik-Ane (Wa’Kan Ne:kaien) is definitely a special place that I love to return to.

Super Eagle

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2 Responses to Summer Camp 2019 Begins!

  1. Erin Kelly McNeil says:

    Sounds Like a great start the links to the photos are borken however… Cant wait to hear all the stories when they get home.

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