A Weekend of Training, Sisterhood…and Blackflies

As seven Guiders learned this weekend during OAL tent training at Wa-Thik-Ane, you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks. It was a weekend not to be forgotten.

It started Friday night with us successfully pitching our own nylon tents on Montagnais, though the blackflies seemed to make it their mission to deter us from finishing.  In the end, tent set-up was trainer approved (with minor adjustments).


Day one started with sunshine and coffee! This was followed by camp stoves, buddy burners, fire starters, campfires, tents and food, food, food!  After all, camping is all about camp food right? (Seems to be the opinion of most Sparks I know at least).  Some of the fun food included tinfoil packs on the fire, lasagna and brownies in a box oven, bannock in a cast iron frying pan and 3 different kinds of ice cream. I came out with so many ideas I’m itching to try!


We then had the opportunity to talk about camp games and activities, and to do some of our own science crafts. As the sun set on day one, we were lucky enough to have a deer grace us with her swift presence, reminding us of the beauty and wonder all around. Winding down at campfire, we laughed and ultimately bonded over a communal pan of brownies and camp stories.


Day two brought us more sun (and fewer blackflies).  The focues was on knots, budgets and camp clean-up.  As we were taking down tents we were surprised with a quick visit from the PC!

Before completing our training, we walked down to “A Quiet Place” (Church Rock) for Guides Own.   There were so many take-aways from this training, but my personal favourites were the time spent with my sisters in Guiding, some I only just met, and things I learned from their experiences.  By listening to insight from other Guiders this weekend, I learned more than just what I was taught and I thank each one of them for that.


And now, let the adventures begin!

Many thanks to Esther, Sinclair, Lesley, Heather, Olivia and, of course, Super Eagle!

Blog post by Charlene Richards, a Guider with the 1st Pincourt Sparks.

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1 Response to A Weekend of Training, Sisterhood…and Blackflies

  1. Olivia says:

    AmaIzing weekend!! Great opportunity to pick everyone’s brains, and get to know one another!!
    I would definitely recommend attending an OAL training to any guider, expirienced or new! There are always new and different things to learn and try and what better way to share in the joys of our sisterhood!

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