An Electrifying Sleepover


The Chambly Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders enjoyed a great time at the Électrium in Ste. Julie – so much so that we would encourage other units to take advantage of this FREE experience.

The Électrium has a variety of programs available for youth, both groups and individuals, and the hands-on museum is also open to the public. The sleepover experience we had was a closed event, just for our group, and it was completely free – you simply contact them to book an available time.


We opted for a Saturday night and had the girls arrive at 7pm. We took some time to get settled (girls slept on the floor in the auditorium, leaders slept in an adjacent room that was part of the museum space). Then the animators took over. At 22 girls we were close to their maximum number (25), so we divided into two groups for the museum tour. We divided by language (programs are available in English or French, you just have to specify when you book), but they were also willing to adapt by age, customzing the tour for older/younger girls. The tour was informative without being boring and the museum is interactive meaning the girls had lots of time for hands-on experimentation with the exhibits. It took about an hour and a half to go through the entire place.

Once the tour was over we went back to the auditorium where we all watched a movie (you have to bring your own DVD) and snacked on popcorn (which we also brought. There is no kitchen/dining space so any food you bring has to be of the *eat off your lap* variety). One the movie was done and teeth were brushed it was lights out for all.


Sunday morning we woke up bright and early (because girls) and had our breakfast of muffins and fruit. We brought napkins and juice boxes and the girls were happy with the variety of options. Note that the only available fridge is their office fridge so it’s quite small. If you are bringing anything that requires refrigeration you may want to think of a cooler. Since we were there in March and it’s still January outside we were able to keep our breakfast items fresh in a leader’s car.

After breakfast and some quiet games, we started a scavenger hunt, again run by Électrium animators. We divided the girls into small groups (no more than 4-5/group) and because this was a multi-unit activity we opted for the *easier* version (and we were glad we did because it was hard enough!). Each group was given a list of questions (again, you have to pick a language as the clues are different for both) and went through the museum looking for clues. There was a prize at the end (and no, I’m not telling what it is – you will have to go yourself to find out).


After the hunt we had a little time to finish bedrolls, watch a bit of another movie, play some games (you either have to bring something or make something up) and go back through the museum displays. Happy girls were picked up by parents at 11am and everyone agreed it was a great success.

So to summarize, FREE event, INCLUDES animators, LEARNING for the girls/leaders, LOCAL and FUN!!

Blog post by Sarah Horrocks from the 1st Chambly Guiding Unit.

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1 Response to An Electrifying Sleepover

  1. Amanda says:

    Loved it. My girls had a blast! And so did I.

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