We ❤️ the Québec Chocolate Challenge

For some people, chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. When we think of Chocolate in Québec Guiding, our classic Québec Chocolate Challenge comes to mind. It’s been around for over a decade and although there have been three different crests, our love for it stays the same!


You might think that learning about chocolate is frivolous or that completing the challenge is just an excuse for girls to eat sweets, but it is full of learning opportunities. First, members must either find out about the history of chocolate and how it came to North America or about chocolate geography and how cacao beans are grown around the world. The rest of the challenge pieces range from arts (finger painting with chocolate pudding) to math (using chocolate as a currency and talking about the pros and cons of that system) and everywhere in between. Girls can test their taste buds by blindly identifying different chocolate bars or by learning about the differences between unsweetened, dark, milk and white chocolate (spoiler alert: unsweetened chocolate is gross!). They can become archaeologists and go digging in chocolate chip cookies to find out which brand has the most chips. They can even come up with their own idea for a challenging activity, in true Girls First fashion.



The Québec Chocolate Challenge has been completed far and wide. Check out our map of everywhere we’ve shipped crests since 2013 and see if you can spot the city where you meet!

chocolate map

Even American Girl Scouts love it!

“The girls had a blast doing the activities but I think we need to have fruit at the next several meetings to make it up to parents for all the chocolate I have given the girls the last couple meetings lol!” wrote Jen from a GSUSA troop in Illinois.

“I’m the troop leader for a California girl scout troop of high school age girls.  We found out about the Chocolate Challenge and my girls LOVED it! (watching them eat very dark and bitter chocolate was a blast),” wrote Carol from Troop 10456 in Los Angeles.

In the spring of 2017, a sweet sister challenge was created: The Québec Maple Syrup Challenge. It follows the same structure as the chocolate one, inviting girls to learn about the history or geography of maple syrup before completing other fun activities.


All of our Québec Challenges can be found on our shop page and can easily be integrated into Girls First. Many of the activities have even made it onto the platform itself!

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