The Girls’ Open Forum = FANTASTIC!!

A provincial trip to the 2019 National AGM and Girls’ Open Forum held in Ottawa is being planned and registration for Pathfinders and Rangers is open here. Kyla from the 1st Riverdale Pathfinders recounts the fun she had last year.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 3.59.08 PM

I had the pleasure of attending The Girls’ Open Forum on June 2, 2018. After a long bus ride in downtown Montreal, through rush hour and of course… construction, we finally arrived at the Omni Hotel along with many other girls and Guiders from all over Québec and even Ontario and further! It was amazing meeting other girls in the sisterhood!

Registration was awesome because we were given a pin and a crest as we entered the main hallway of the conference hall. We put our stuff at a table and went to get delicious food for lunch, as in hot-dogs, hamburgers, desserts, and much more. After we ate, the conference started!


Girls were able to ask as many questions as they wanted. Most were about our new program: Girls First! A lot of questions were asked about the uniforms and how they are changing, and more questions were asked about how we as the girls can get more girls into Girl Guides.

It really was an amazing experience to know what was going to happen in the upcoming year and how we would be making our next big leap in the Girl Guide community. I would definitely recommend this to any girl who loves to be involved and help in our sisterhood! I hope we do The Girls’ Open Forum again because it was an amazing feeling to know I was part of the decision making for Girls First, and now that the website is out, you can really tell they took what we said to make it fantastic. I hope to see more girls at The Girls’ Open Forum next time.


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