A Hero Lies in You

As the song goes, “a hero lies in you,” and that’s just what a group of Brownies from Beaconsfield in Lakeshore District spent their recent sleepover discovering.  The girls all arrived on a Saturday afternoon, thrilled by the idea of spending the night away from home with their Brownie friends.

After some excited chitchat and a snack, everyone got down to the very important business of crafting their first superhero creation: a mirror frame collage of positive words they felt described themselves. One girl summed up the purpose of the activity quite well by saying: “I’m going to look in this mirror every morning to remind myself of how awesome I am so I can go to school feeling good about myself!”

superhero sleepover self-esteem mirror creation

(Wise Guider Tip:  I was able to find an amazing resource on the Teachers Pay Teachers website for this activity.  Someone had already gone to the trouble of cutting out words from magazines and collating them into a 50-odd page document.  It literally saved me precious HOURS of work, for only a little more than just one magazine would have cost me if I had needed to purchase one.  There are words in the document that are appropriate for use with all levels, from beginner-reader age, all the way up to adult, along with examples of how they can be used in creative projects.  Many, many great guiding-friendly things to be found on Teachers Pay Teachers!)

Next on the agenda was some time outside “silly-sliding” on the ice. After braving the frigid outdoor temperatures, a delicious cup of hot chocolate was most welcome.  Sufficiently warmed up, the girls were ready to begin their next activity.  Armed with fabric scissors and fabric markers, our superheroes created their own capes by cutting up some old t-shirts and designing logos that they felt would represent them and their special abilities.  The capes were a big hit; the girls were so pleased with their creations that they wore them for the rest of the evening!

superhero sleepover super girl guide cape

At dinnertime, the girls were involved in every step of the meal preparation, chopping vegetables, grating cheese and creating their own pizzas.  For some, it was their first experience using a sharp knife. And, although a little nervous at first, they soon gained confidence with the encouragement of their friends.

After working together to clean up, it was on to our last activity of the day:  to create a shield that they could use to defend themselves in the face of adversity.  Then it was time for some imaginative superhero games, the scene now complete with capes and shields!

superhero sleepover shield creation

Our evening ended with the time-honoured Girl Guide tradition of singing around our (electric) campfire.  Several of the girls had attended their first District campfire only the week before and were happy for the opportunity to repeat many of the new songs that they had learned.  The stories and giggles continued long after lights out, until “quiet time” was called.

The girls were once again able to practise their culinary skills in the morning by preparing a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and fruit.  While we were all enjoying the girls’ tasty creations, it was the perfect opportunity for a group discussion about tackling hard things, and situations in which the girls had been able to overcome challenges by using their “superpowers.”

At the end of it all, the girls earned a superhero crest, their Be a Chef badge, and a lifetime of memories of the sleepover with their Brownie friends!

A special thanks to the creative team behind the 2017 Brownie Superhero Day that inspired this “Super-Caffeinated Guider” to pay the fun forward!

superhero sleepover supercaffeinated guider

Blog post by Mayali Cousineau, a Guider with the 5th Beaconsfield Brownies in Lakeshore District.

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