I Earned Them All!

This blog post was written by Darcy, a Guide with the 1st Lachute Guide unit.

1. D McBrearty with special certificate June 2018.

I was a Brownie for two years from 2016-2018 in the 2nd Lachute Brownies in Secteur Argenteuil. Snowy Owl was my Brownie leader and she was the one who introduced me to badges. I wanted to earn all of them because I like challenging myself.

My favourite badge was Be Aware because I love fires. I wanted the Saving Water badge because I like the way it looks, there is a blue heron on it.  I’m most proud of Be A Chef because I got to show off that I know how to cook.

D McBrearty Wood Works - making a shelf with Daddy.

The hardest badge was Wood Works because I had to build something with wood. I made a shelf for my bedroom wall with my dad. I put all my baseball trophies and medals on it.

I was in the local newspaper for earning all 73 Brownie badges. The reporter who came to my house was my baseball coach, Evelyne. Being interviewed by my coach was like having a friend asking me questions. After being in the newspaper, I got too much attention and it made me feel shy.

D. McBrearty front page newspaper

For me, it was really fun earning the badges because I had a chance to learn a lot of things. Also, I had a chance to do stuff I wouldn’t have done without badges, like trying new food for Food Power or inventing Bacon Day for Special Days.

I couldn’t have done it without my mom (A.K.A. Momtastic)!

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