A Day in the Life of an Adviser: PR

Provincial PR adviser Andrea Munster shares her experience in her role.


In my two years of being an adviser, I have learned so much about our province and have come to appreciate all the hard work our senior volunteers put into the amazing events that go on throughout the year.

I had never planned on being an adviser. As a girl, I hadn’t even planned on being a Guider. Oh, how things have changed! One of the biggest changes has been my confidence.

I always had the impression that I was just another member. That is, until someone reached out and said that I would be a good fit to be a provincial adviser. I did not know what an adviser was and I thought that it would entail way more work than it actually does. I was worried that I would not be able to run a unit while being an adviser, but I have managed it!


As an adviser, I get to work with awesome ladies who want to make a difference in the province and to make sure every girl feels valued and heard. The senior volunteers help me feel like my opinion and suggestions are valued as well. Their trust and respect have definitely boosted my confidence and allowed me to be more open to sharing. From running the Public Relations booth at the Gros Dodo to the St-Patrick’s Day Parade to PED week training, I sure have had a lot of fun experiences. I believe my favourite (so far) definitely has to be Guides Québec’s first ever participation in the Pride Parade. It was awesome to see all these strong and supportive Guiders show the girls and the public what acceptance and respect look like in our organization.

I don’t think I have ever felt so close to Guiding as I do during this second year as an adviser. I am happy to see my work have a positive impact on the province and its members. To see girls and Guiders get out in their communities and spread the wonderful sisterhood that is Guiding makes me so grateful for this opportunity.

If you have been thinking about becoming an adviser, feel free to reach out and ask questions. Write to nominations@guidesquebec.ca and we can help find the best position to fit your skill set.

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