A Television Adventure


Hi! My name is Michaela. I’m 9 years old and I’m a brand new Guide.  It was really awesome to have had the opportunity to go on Global News Morning TV Montreal with other girls to talk about Guiding and cookie sales.  I was wearing my Guide uniform with my Brownie sash ‘cause I don’t have anything on my Guide sash yet after only 4 meetings, but I earned all 72 Brownie badges and I’m really proud of that! The experience I got from it is something I will never forget.


I was nervous, but being there with Lizzie made it so much easier for me, because I knew that Lizzie was brave and that I should be brave too. It was fun to be there with two Pathfinders, and the best part was answering a question about how I joined Girl Guides. My mother was actually a Guide when she was young and told me stories of her adventures.  The way my mom described her awesome experiences, especially about camping at Wa-Thik-Ane, just made me say “wow!” So eventually we decided to sign me up for a Spark unit. My mom volunteered a lot so it was easier for me to feel okay about the meetings and comfortable to make friends.

Watch the video here.

Back to the the studio…! It doesn’t look at all like what you see on your TV at home.  The room was painted green and was really small. The city scene behind us was put there by a computer, and only people at home could see it. There were cameras and screens in every corner, lots of wires everywhere, and a table that news presenters sat at or stood behind, etc. Laura, the lady that was interviewing us, was super nice! After everything happened we got to take a photo with her! Everything was so cool!!!  I’m so proud to be in Girl Guides, and to have my mom with me on my awesome adventure through the Guiding sisterhood!

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