The Last Days of Summer Camp


We were up early for a good breakfast before a day on the water. We were all in the parking lot for 9 a.m. ready to board our bus to Mont Tremblant for our 6-kilometre canoe trip. At arrival the staff looked at us with a little concern as all the campers invaded their small space. I checked in and they were impressed by our organization when I presented them with our waivers already filled out. Our canoes were in the water a short walk away so all we had to do was grab PFDs and we were set to go!


Finally we were off with a little weaving side to side for some. Our Wa-Thik-Ane boating specialists were glad there was a current to help everyone along. After passing a few sandbars, we chose one to stop at just around a corner to break for a swim and lunch. Everyone was ready to cool off and headed into the water only to realize how fun it is to ride the current. Some campers also had fun making sand castles.



After a short paddle, we arrived at our final destination. “What already? That was easy! We could have done the 12-kilometre trip,” some said!


We arrived back at camp just as the Mom and Me campers were arriving for their weekend at Wa-Thik-Ane.

We had time for our out-trip campers to hop in the water for another quick swim after the hot bus ride before our new arrivals completed their swim tests.

After a long day, we were all ready for a fairly early bedtime!

Saturday and Sunday


It was misty on Saturday morning but the young campers and their Moms were determined to get their morning dipping in to start earning their crest. As I made the rounds visiting the two sites that were leaving, I could hear thunder in the distance. I radioed waterfront and notified them. After a quick change of plans, the Moms and girls geared up and started their camp tour rather than do the boating and swimming that was planned. An hour later, the storm was right above us and I called on the walkie to make sure all campers were on site and in their Marquees. All sites confirmed. Mother Nature dropped a boomer on us, but those are part of the fun! With the power out, we still had a hot lunch and were able to deliver dry luggage for those departing between the two rainstorms. Thank you for the perfect break in the storm Mother Nature!

The weekend campers did get a swim in later in the afternoon when the weather cleared. A beautiful evening brought the opportunity for a campfire and s’mores with the excitement of snuggling in for a sleep under the stars.


The weather was perfect on Sunday so our last campers of the season got to enjoy a fantastic morning at the waterfront with boating and swimming, topped off with an amazing lunch before heading home.


As I sit on the waterfront deck this evening overlooking the lake, camp seems so quiet and empty. I’m scrolling through the pictures of all the amazing memories this season has left me with. Thank you Wa-Thik-Ane and all its campers, volunteers and staff for another great chapter in camp life. As the last day comes to a close, I feel so grateful to be at this beautiful place and watch the sun set on an amazing 4 weeks!


Super Eagle signing off till next year!

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3 Responses to The Last Days of Summer Camp

  1. Amanda says:

    Thank you Joanne. And thank you to all the guider volunteers. I looked forward every day to hearing about the girl’s adventures. Amber had a wonderful time. She said she never laughed so much.

  2. karen says:

    I went to GG Camp when I was a young girl and have found memories ; what lake is Wa-thik-ane on ?

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