A Fun and Exciting Wet Day

We were expecting to wake up to a rainy day, but hurray! Outdoor water regatta was back on! The skies were overcast but the smiles were bright and the team efforts were strong. Our Regatta days this year work with currency (painted rocks). Each of the three colours of rocks is worth a different amount (gold being the most valuable of course). There’s always a series of games/challenges for teams to participate in, each station costing a different amount to play. Teams are given a starting amount but if they need more they have to visit the Wa-Thik-Ane bank! The bank is located at the shallow end of the beach and the banker (Super Eagle) explains that one team member at a time has 5 seconds to withdraw as much rock currency as she can.



Rubber ducks flew through the air towards their targets, a beach ball was hit back and forth in a circle, a wet t-shirt was relayed between team members as they swam a course with it on, tennis balls bounced toward a bucket and campers turned into bats and depended on their senses of touch and sound from teammates to guide them through the boathouse. Each station had cards to give out and when unscrambled “Mr. Freeze” was the word and the treat of the morning!


After a busy morning at waterfront, Sparks and Brownies were able to enjoy hot dogs cooked in milk cartons for a tasty lunch before departing from their 3-night camp.


Although the forecast showed reports of thunderstorms for the afternoon, Mother Nature had them scheduled for 5 pm onwards enabling the Pathfinders to do their planned long lake swim.

Thank you to Mother Nature, the waterfront staff and the volunteers who transformed what was supposed to be a gloomy wet day into a fun and exciting wet day!


Super Eagle

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