A Perfect Day for S’mores

Brownies and Sparks settled in very nicely after a busy first day. They were first on waterfront today for boating. Next on the agenda were the Guides and Pathfinders joining them for the Boat Swim Challenge. We had a large group of 41 swimmers ready to take on the challenge with four terrific cheerleaders from the Spark/Brownie site. The bobbers jumped in first to make a trail to the rowboat. What is a bobber you ask? An adult volunteer in a PFD who is there for swimmers to hold onto for a quick break if they get too tired or to provide a PFD if necessary. Bobbers line the way and make it safer for our campers to do the swim challenges.


After lunch the Guides and Pathfinders took on a second swim challenge — the Short lake Swim!

After all that swimming and walking, all sites were ready for their visit to the tuck counter (candy table). Each camper visits the tuck shop daily for their two pieces of sugar energy! Brownies also got to visit the Wa-Thik-Ane shop where they purchased souvenir crests and items. I predict a lot of sewing onto blankets in the next month or so.


After shop time, I got to fly by the Brownie site to see what they are doing for their Bear Adventure Camp. Someone mentioned that it would be a perfect night for s’mores so they headed off to collect wood and fill a fire bucket so they could build a fire. Well done girls! Some wonderful crafts have been made on their site: tin foil plates and adorable bear heads. I also visited the “Bear Den” where storytime and weaving happen at a relaxed pace.



The Sparks and Brownies weren’t the only campers to enjoy a campfire and s’mores! Once done, while the Expedition and Adventure campers were making lunches for their zip lining trip tomorrow, Brownies were snuggling down in their sleeping bags for a night of sleeping under the stars.


Super Eagle


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