Week 3 Ends and Week 4 Begins

Friday and Saturday


The Pathfinders survived their night and returned in good spirits to base camp. They were excited to share all the stories with us as we crossed paths. They did say they would prefer some flatter spots for their tents, however their lack of sleep did not show! There were smiles, laughter and tons of stories to share such as of accidentally throwing their eggs over the Bluff, stoves malfunctioning and even rice crispy squares for breakfast. I would say the first overnight trail camp at Wa- Thik-Ane was a success. Now, you might think these ladies would drop and sleep all day but no, they wanted all their challenge crests and therefore came down at 11 am after a snack to do their long lake swim. They’re some determined and strong young ladies!


I asked these campers to put together some thoughts for me on their experience after a little power nap of course. Their comments included more challenges, more adventures, more campfires, fishing and Pathfinders cooking for other sites (I see a future challenge there). They really liked swimming and swim challenges, making new friends, sleeping in tents, cooking the meals, waking up and watching the sunrise. Their thoughts on their week-long trail camp: great, awesome, best summer camp ever in the world, super fun, amazing….this place is unique and awesome, super fun to spend a lot of time outside, hope more camps like this one come out! Thank you Pathfinders for coming and sharing a great week with us!

Guides ended their afternoon with swimming and canoeing and ended their week with sleeping under the stars for yet another challenge crest. Saturday morning brought packing up, the excitement of seeing family again and the sadness of saying goodbye to friends new and old. They headed home with a bucket of new memories!

Moms and Sparks joined us on Friday afternoon for a weekend of Wee Camp. After arrival, they all headed down to site to change into bathing suits for swim tests. All the campers did a great job and then returned to site with just enough time to get their gear into tents before an evening downpour. Saturday morning brought morning dippers to a misty lake! The theme for the Mom & me camp was fairy tale princesses. The campers enjoyed many hikes and tales, swimming and boating and even a game with poison apples! After dinner on Saturday night, a special guest appeared – Ariel! The girls were excited with looks of surprise and tons of questions for her! They made a fairy wand together and after a group picture, Ariel was off. S’mores and a campfire brought the evening to a close and I visited to read my favourite book: “Eagle Boy.”



Sparks and their Moms started the day off with day two of the Morning Dip challenge and then they headed back up to site for a hot breakfast and hot chocolate, tea and coffee.


Shortly after breakfast they were all packed up and sitting enjoying another craft. As the Sparks and Brownie 3 night camp arrived to share their site for lunch, the Wee campers headed off to finish their camp tour and give the new arrivals a chance to settle in. It was a busy day with arrivals for week 4 and departures of the Wee campers but no luggage was lost or misplaced. The trails of the camp were definitely busy bringing all the new arrivals together for a barbecue for supper. We enjoyed a great meal and finished clean-up just in time for another evening shower. I think that put a damper on evening campfire plans but that’s okay as there are more to come!


Super Eagle

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