Growing Through Personal Challenges

We were lucky to get sun this morning! There were a few clouds but no rain and it meant that Pathfinders could come down to waterfront for the Blueberry Island Lifejacket Swim. The Rabaska was full of rain water but we got to work and bailed it out before everyone headed off. Enrique and the Rabaska made their way onto the water with the lifeguards in Crickets — the water was nice and calm. At arrival, the leaders and campers all got out on the island, ready for the big swim. It seemed to be an easy swim for some and a challenge for others but the smiles on their faces reflected a good challenge with a successful end.


After lunch, Guides headed down to waterfront for their turn to canoe to Blueberry Island for a swim. The Island was a busy place today! Getting there was a tough paddle for some, which made the swim break at the island that much better!


Pathfinders returned to site after their morning swim to have lunch and finalize packing for their overnight hike. I received pictures and news as they settled in and set up camp. Challenge 1 was to secure a tent – check.


Challenge 2 was to cook their meal –  check with a little excitement of high flames.


Challenge 3 was to eat a yummy meal – definitely achieved and enjoyed!


As I took my evening hike along the trail to Ranger Lake I could hear the laughter and excited voices of the campers off-site and I knew that these young ladies who were unsure of this overnight were settled in and having a great time.

How are we rewarded for the challenges we take on? Through those great feelings of accomplishment, pride and growth that come with them. Thank you Wa-Thik-Ane for giving so many campers the opportunity to grow and gain confidence!


Super Eagle

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2 Responses to Growing Through Personal Challenges

  1. kimberley devey says:

    Hi Lizzie (?) Wow i would love to have a copy of the pics all the pf ones. Thanks

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