Very Wet Days


On Tuesday, morning exercise was on the schedule for Guides and Pathfinders as they headed to waterfront first thing for the Short Lake swim challenge. They were happy to be able to complete it before the heavy rains and wind set in. They were a big swim group and everyone did well, congrats campers.


Brownies were able to get some boating time in and they also had some time to shop at the Wa-Thik-Ane store. They also got their daily free tuck — their choice of two candy items — always a happy event!

Brownies spent the rainy afternoon doing crafts; painting rocks and making some beautiful pictures without using crayons. Along with their picture came a story about Africa.


Pathfinders sneaked in a little bit of boating before getting stuck in the boathouse. While they were doing that, their leaders hiked a trail with Super Eagle to check out for their one night sleep away spot. They had no boathouse to run to, so let’s just say they were wet enough when they returned that they left a puddle.

Central campfire was held in Stavert and once again enjoyed by all!



How do you start a very wet day off? With morning dip of course! Then off we went to change into some warm dry cloths and start the morning dining experience with a cup of hot cocoa to warm the tummy!


The weather meant a necessary quick change of plans – Regatta on the waterfront was switched to team games in Stavert for all campers. They were able to enjoy four stations where the teams were challenged against one another in Guiding Jeopardy, charades, pictionary and Tic Tac Toe. Teams switched so they could all try each station. They found it a real challenge to stay silent and not give each other advice as to where to stand while playing giant tic tac toe. I saw some silent hints being shared through eye contact! We ended the morning with refreshing freezies in a very warm Stavert Lodge.



After lunch it was time to say goodbye to our Spark/Brownie campers. Their luggage arrived in the rain and departed in the rain but they all were able to have some waterfront time and do lots of crafts and games while at camp. Thanks for camping with us, Sparks and Brownies.



Guides kept busy building gadgets and it looked like they were having fun. In fact, they don’t seem to mind the rain at all as they keep having the urge to run out into it. The busy afternoon of building was followed by the challenge of a blindfold supper. Thank you for the great pictures — I hope you enjoyed your meal to the last morsel.



Pathfinders were challenged with how they would pack for their overnight out on the trails. It seems that this is a great learning experience and Lesley and Michaela, their Leaders, did a great job of teaching and planning with them. In the evening, Chickery Pop visited to share some more good tripping knowledge with them about how to lessen their load: take only what you absolutely need as a group. They are looking forward to their adventure of hiking in the woods and breaking camp tonight. At this point, it looks like they may be lucky and not get any rain. Stay tuned for their adventure on the trails over the next two blogs.


Super Eagle

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