Coming Together Mid-Week

Campers rose to cooler temperatures this morning — a welcome break from the heat. After a quick breakfast we all headed down to waterfront for regatta. Adults got a little time to catch up on what everyone was doing while the campers were split into teams and given instructions.


Everything was calm until Scooby came to tell Pip that Enrique was missing! Enrique is Pip’s canoe and we can only imagine how attached to it she has become over the years of boating at Wa-Thik-Ane. However, the games must go on and that is what they did.


The campers were all given pink, orange and gold coloured rocks, the gold being the most valuable. These rocks were used as tokens to pay to play water games. So much to do and so little money! Well of course there is a camp bank on the shallows of the water where, when teams needed money, they could visit Super Eagle and have 5 seconds to retrieve as many coloured rocks as possible. 


As games were played, campers collected letters that when put together by all participants laid out the trail to where Enrique could be found! At Senaca of course, the original campsite along the shore.


The afternoon with windy waters created a few waves but the swimmers prevailed and met the challenge to earn their crest.

Pathfinders, word has it, have made slime and bath bombs. I am sure the bath bombs will be used for that soak when they get home!

After a busy day at waterfront and the stress of temporarily misplacing Enrique, the waterfront team headed out on the town for an evening in St. Sauveur with pizza on the anticipated menu! Look out St. Sauveur and happy trails waterfront staff. Enjoy your well deserved evening off!


Super Eagle

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