How Do We Stay Happy and Content?

Morning dip is a great way to start the day! With 3 mornings of dipping in the lake up to their shoulders at 7 a.m, campers can earn a challenge crest! Even our new addition to the camp family — Tyson (my lab/flat coat retriever) — enjoys his morning dip as we do our trail walk early in the morning before campers are up.


The day started off bright and sunny with lots of chatter at breakfast on the sites. As the temperature continues to rise, the best place to beat the heat is waterfront.

Everybody was able to get boating and swimming time in today. The Boat Swim Challenge for all campers was a welcome dip on such a hot day. The girls did an amazing job of swimming to the rowboat and back to the dock. They can take as many rest stops as they need and cheering and words of encouragement along the way by the adults bobbing along in life jackets encouraged them as they swam. We make great floating rest stops! Extra swim time for everyone was added on after boat swim to stay cool.


Brownies settled into their routine, got to know each other and learned about camp rules. Guides hung out making new friends as they made bracelets. It is always great to see the girls sitting around, just making friends and chatting — an art that is disappearing with technology today. Pathfinders chose the science experiments they want to do for the week and made their own duty chart.


The day closed with roasting marshmallows and campfires. Thank you to the Pathfinders who led a campfire for the Guides!

Super Eagle


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1 Response to How Do We Stay Happy and Content?

  1. Serena Capplette says:

    Thank you Tyson for keeping everybody company!!!

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