The End of Week 1

Brownies challenged themselves to an afternoon hike to the bluff after a morning of boating and swimming. I received a call on the walkie when they reached the top and listened to the squeals of delight at how pretty it was up there from some excited Brownies. They enjoyed a snack and then headed back down to their campsite. I wonder how many times they asked their leaders whether it was snack time yet on the way up? Now after all this activity you would think they were off to dreamland early. Not so, as I headed down the hill from my office at 11:05 this evening, I could here the giggles and chatter from the tents. The excitement of the last night with new friends and going home the next day was enough to make them night owls!


Guides enjoyed their waterfront time and also completed their Quadri-Wizard tournament, explored their future in Divination class, made chocolate frogs and snitches. 




What happened to all the leftover chocolate you ask? No worries: it was disposed of in a safe way by the leaders so that no youth campers could overload on chocolate. The sacrifices leaders have to make!


A busy day ended with some fun reading tea leaves at the campfire.


Pathfinders completed their camp tour as they hiked about looking for adults who held their rings. To receive each one, the answered trivia questions about camp, made bracelets and participated in other fun mini challenges. They completed their task when all of the rings were found. Well done Pathfinders!

Campers awoke on day 7 to enjoy another delicious breakfast, pack up their gear, clean and then build one last campfire to cook hot dogs over conversations about fun times at camp and summer activities to come. Contact information was exchanged so they can stay in touch!

The week is over and we said goodbye to old friends seen again at camp and new friendships made, each one being a stepping stone in our memories of great times.


Super Eagle

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