At camp, Spiral makes new friends.

In Guiding we have a verse that says “Make new friends but keep the old”. As I checked in with the Brownies, I had the opportunity to interview Danica to find out what happened on their search for Spiral.


She reported that Spiral, their unicorn, was trapped by a Sprite. However she was then able to make friends with an elf, lepachraun, pixie and gnome. They helped her find her way to the water tower and they left the Brownies clues.

At this point, several Brownies joined the interview to explain with excitement about rocks laid out in arrow symbols and sticks along the way made into trail signs and notes. There were also foot prints to follow. Spiral was excited to tell them all about her adventure and was just glowing with happiness in the group photo they took when they found her.




Brownies also learnt a great camp skill by making mini tri-pods, a great skill for Camping on a pioneer campsite.



The night sky’s have been beautiful and the Brownies braved a night sleeping outside of their tents to enjoy the blanket of stars .

Guides made the trip to Blueberry Island by canoes yesterday and  enjoyed a swim on the island before paddling back. In the afternoon they challenged themselves to a hike up to the Bluff. The view is so worth it.


Pathfinders challenged themselves to the long lake swim. The water was warm and calm, a good day for this tough swim.The campers managed it wonderfully. Earlier in the day they learnt, after tipping a canoe, how to do a t-rescue, great skill to have!


Our day came to a close yesterday with one of my favourite events, central campfire. All the campers and leaders came together to enjoy an evening of singing led by the amazing Pip and Scooby.


Thank you ladies! As you know, I could not do that one without everyone being in a tangle with hand actions.

Super Eagle

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