Themes & Teamwork – day 4

Across the sites of younger and older campers there is so much happening. Pathfinders are continuing with their Lord of the Rings theme as they now try to locate the rings they need while participating in Regatta and the Short Lake Swim.



Guides began their day with Regatta, a quick lunch; then a game of Quidditch, the Short Lake Swim challenge, some extra swim time and I hope a nap as I am tired writing about it.img_3500.jpg



After supper they closed their day with an awesome campfire including a fantastic round of Sam Sam that I could here from far below and for some a night of sleeping under the stars.



Brownies enjoyed a fantastic Regatta organized by our amazing waterfront team Pip, Scooby, Magpie, Bubbles and Sandy. It was a morning of fun filled water games.

IMG_2220        IMG_2200



Campers were mixed into teams of different age groups and the Pathfinders led them along to search in the water for rocks of different monetary value so they could play the games and earn the clues. Clues for what, you ask?

As the Regatta began, Pip ran up to where the campers were receiving their instructions, visibly upset to share the news, Enrico (her canoe) was missing! As the morning unfolded and the campers received their clues, the event ended when all the clues were put together and the mystery was solved; Enrico had been taken to the original campsite from years ago (Senaca), now known as Central Campfire. The Pathfinders teamed together and carried him safely home to the waterfront.


The day drew to a close after a successful Short Lake Swim (swimming across the lake to the Short side and back),


and I found the Brownies at their site heading out for an evening hike to find Spiral who had been taken earlier in the week. An update will follow tomorrow so stay tuned on the search for Spiral.

Super Eagle


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