How they challenge themselves on day 2!

The day started off early with a lot of eager campers wanting to earn their Morning Dip Challenge. Campers must come down at 7 a.m. and dip in the water to shoulder level and then out. This must be done on three mornings to earn the crest. I have to say that with the heat wave this has been an easy season to Morning Dip as the lake is warmer than usual!

Pathfinders and Rangers are living in the land of Lord of the Rings and I was present for the challenge chart with 20 challenges on it for the girls to earn a ring. Some of the challenges even include learning a new language, an old fashioned dictionary is provided of course.


Waterfront is always a busy place and the afternoon brought the Boat Swim Challenge. Campers needed to swim to the rowboat which was bobbing near central campfire and back. Of course they are welcome to take a few rest stops along the way by hanging on to the volunteer bobbers in life jackets (Leaders and Super Eagle). We also frame the way as we happily bob in the water!

It warms the heart to see young girls challenge themselves to do this and the best is the smile on their face along with the beams of pride that they made it.


Monday is dry dock day for boating to first teach the girls the strokes and rules of the water and boating. If all goes well they do manage a short time in the boat after lessons, just like this full-to-the-brim voyageur canoe of smiling Pathfinders.


Brownies have decided they want to have story time campfires and are having a great time writing and sharing; the art of storytelling is alive at Wa-Thik-Ane! Super Eagle was excited to share her storybook “Eagle Boy” with the Brownies at campfire.

Maybe we will share a few tomorrow, stay tuned.

Super Eagle

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