Guiders’ Gems

For our April Provincial Commissioner’s Challenge, we asked Guiders around the province to share their favourite and most memorable activities with us. Here are some of the answers that were sent in.

Natacha Michaud with the 1st St. Lazare Pathfinders


We held an enrollment sleepover combined with a paint night meeting. The girls had a great time and went home with a banner for crests and badges. It involved lots of hours of work but it was worth it to see their reactions!


Sarah Horrocks with the 1st Mount Bruno Pathfinders?

I’ve got three favourite meetings to share. The first was for the Camera Crazy badge.  The girls brought a couple changes of clothes and makeup and we did a “photo shoot” at our meeting location.  They then put the photos together in a digital album and they used different phone filters to edit and change them.


The second was our Oscar night.  We had a party at my house, made appetizers and played Oscar-themed games. We dressed up in fancy Oscar dresses, did our hair and makeup, drank fancy mocktails and had a score sheet to determine which movies were going to win. We played “Oscar Bingo” and did Oscar madlibs to create funny speeches.  We used this for the Movie Mania badge.


Finally, I brought in a bunch of old, unused computers and other electronics from home and various screwdrivers and other tools so we could take everything apart. We looked at the inner workings of the machines to tried and determine what made each thing work.  This one wasn’t badge related but it was a lot of fun, particularly since one of my girls is into robotics and she really liked the idea of seeing inside the computers to look at the different components.

Andrea Munster with the 1st St. Lazare Pathfinders and Trex

My best activity to do with the girls is what we call a “wake-over” with our Trex or Pathfinders from St-Lazare. We spend a whole night downtown doing a variety of activities from go-karting and eating in China town, to being guest speakers on CJAD in the early hours of the morning. The activities are never the same each year. It’s nice for the girls who don’t normally get a chance to go downtown to participate in some fun activities and explore the city.

The girls really enjoy it because they get to choose the activities and stay up until about 4 or 5 am when their parents pick them up.


Carole Blais with the 11th Laval Guides

Alexandra and Mia.jpg

I’ve got two activities to share. We held a Mother-Daughter Spa night where we prepared a hand treatment, foot treatment, massage foot bath and facials made with yogurt and blueberries.  The moms and girls took turns providing and receiving treatments.  We also served smoothies to refresh our insides as well.  Our room was decorated with chairs, mats and candles to create the spa feeling. It was very well received and fun was had by all.

Our second activity was our Earth Day project.  We spent 10 minutes in the pouring rain collecting garbage – we then spread out what was collected on tarps.  The girls sorted what we had found into 6 categories:  recycling, reusable items, donations, landfill, dangerous goods, compost.  They enjoyed that challenge and we opened the discussion about the choices.  Our 3rd-year girls then led a rope game demonstrating what can happen when we work together for Mother Earth – they did an amazing job.  To end our evening everyone enjoyed cakes make in terra cotta pots with a small flower in a straw and then we gave each girl a canvas bag to use instead of plastic. (Based on the Guides Earth Day Instant Meeting)

Tracey Brennan with the 145th Montreal Brownies


With our Spark, Brownie & Girl Guide groups in Saint-Laurent, we had someone come in and do yoga with our girls.

Jackie Wright with the 1st St. Lazare Guides


I have so many great memories!  One memory is quite significant: having Pamela Rice at my enrollment for my second year as Brown Owl. Pamela spoke to the girls in a way that was empowering, engaging, on their level, and memorable.  She truly inspired us all — both girls and Guiders — to remember the beginning of our great organization (she told the story of our great beginnings) and to dream of its future!  She has a true gift, to reach everyone with her love and passion for our amazing organization. The girls listened and took to heart her message.  And now we see some of that dream come to fruition.

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