From the Girls: Guide Winter Camp

This past weekend, from February 23 to 25, 54 girls and a fantastic team of leaders enjoyed our biennial Provincial Girl Guide Camp at the Centre de Plein Air l’Estacade. We spent Friday evening settling in and getting to know each other. The girls received their Amazing Race team nametags and their maps of Canada to put on their race lanyards. A short time was spent choosing a team name and cheer — they are very creative! The excitement built Saturday (race day) and shortly after breakfast the teams were off at the starting whistle. They had 13 provinces and territories to cover. I have pulled a few comments from the testimonies of the race participants, as they say it best!


“My favourite part about the Amazing Race is that we got to run around and do all sorts of cool activities. Fortunately, we were not U-turned. Our alliance with teams sugar sweet and Cool Canadians saved us.”

“J’aime faire les défis d’agilité et de force. J’aime faire le curling sur table. J’aime faire la course a dos de chevalier. En realité, j’ai aimé toutes les activités!

“My day was so amazing because I made new friends and we did so many fun activities! My favourite station in the Amazing Race was the ice fishing and when we had to put our own tent up.”


“What I liked about the Amazing Race was how we traveled across Canada, me and my friend were a team and we had a great time!”

“J’ai aimé me promener dans le camp pour trouver les provinces du Canada où ils nous donnaient des défis.”

“I liked the dogsled because when I was pulling my partner I felt like a sled dog and when I was getting pulled I felt like I was actually in the Yukon. The Road Block at this station was also fun. I would probably play that with my friends. 


“I liked when we had the Amazing Race and when we had play time in our room.”

“I liked when we had to build a shelter for Eyeor from Winnie the Pooh. I learned a lot about that. I think that’s what I liked about camp but I practically liked everything — wait no I loved everything.”

“I also really liked hunting animals with spears in Nunavut.”

“My favourite part of the Amazing Race was the activity where we played Gaelic football in Nova Scotia.”


“Gaelic football and lacrosse are fun and challenging at the same time.”

“The thing I loved most about the race was working as a team and having fun. I wish we could do this again one day.”

“What I liked about camp was how I made lots of friends (even though one of them U-turned me). I also really liked the mini curling and how we travelled all over the place.”


“Ma partie préférée était les jeux de curling, le lacrosse, le dream-catcher, lancer des boules-de-neige, etc. Alors j’ai tout aimé. Et chanter des chansons!”

“My favourite part of the day was when we got to do all the stations. I had a lot of favourite parts of the day or should I call it the Amazing Race because it was amazing!”

“These activities were sooooo fun! I loved it. Now I know more about the provinces of Canada!”

“I loved this year’s Guide camp so much! I made a lot of new friends; good friends. My favourite part was making the teepee. It was very frustrating at first, but it was good teamwork.”


“What I liked the most about the Amazing Race Canada was the Acadian chair dance.”

“I had a very fun time and I never wanted it to finish, even if I was super tired.”

“I like the Acadian chair dance because it was really fun and because it made a really catchy tune. I liked how it was almost the same thing as the real amazing race with the U-turn and that we got to rip open the clues. I love Guiding.”


“Mon moment préféré de la journée était lors des dernières activités, Manitoba et Ontairo, car c’était vraiment amusant et il faisait chaud et c’était très ensoleilé.”

“My favorite part of the Amazing Race was when we were in Saskatchewan where we made the giant dream catcher with a hula hoop and some string because it was so much fun to do a craft.”


“It was also a lot of fun that we got cool envelopes like the Amazing Race and that we had mini maps of Canada that they hole-punched when you finished a station.”

“What I loved about camp was when I stayed up late and giggled with my friends.”

“My favorite thing was that we had the chance to explore the woods at the same time as we did the Amazing Race.”

“My day was super awesome!!! I love that we learnt so many things. It was fun also because we went to different places. It is cool to come here and camp!”


Blog post written by Joanne Cardinal. Joanne is provincial Camping Adviser and a Guider with the 2nd Pincourt Sparks and the 1st Pincourt Guides.


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