Guide Olympics

The 110th Montreal Guides celebrated the start of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games with their own Olympic competition that took two meetings to complete. The first meeting was all about training and preparation for the big event. They competed in a series of events to earn points and win the grand prize: picking the camp song to sing at the official opening ceremony the next week. They tried to name as many of the 15 winter Olympic sports as they could, ran a relay race with winter clothing to make sure they were prepared to dress appropriately for the weather and created an official snowsuit and flag for their patrol. Finally, they had to create a new winter sport using the rules and objectives from three existing Winter Olympic events.


Bice Hockieigh: biathlon, ice hockey and bobsleigh


Skarlurling: skeleton, luge and curling


Freestyle Nordic Track: freestyle skiing, Nordic combined and short track speed skating


Speedstical: speed skating, figure skating and alpine skiing

The next meeting was held outside so that the girls played the sports they had created the previous week. After the opening ceremony, where each patrol marched in the horseshoe holding their flags, the games began. It got dark and cold very quickly, so there was a mandatory thaw break in the entrance to the nearby arena. The winning patrol after the four events was unable to claim their prize in a reasonable delay of time, so the honour of choosing the camp song for the closing ceremony went to the second place patrol, who decided on the very appropriate “40 Years on an Iceberg”. To finish it all off, everyone had a nice warm glass of hot chocolate.

The Olympics still are not done yet, so why not organize an Olympic themed meeting of your own? You can find a meeting-in-a-box here!


All four patrols proudly waving their flags and displaying their snowsuit designs before the competition


The girls playing Freestyle Nordic Track

Blog post written by Elizabeth, a Ranger with the 1st Monklands Rangers, a Girl Assistant with the 110th Montreal Guides and a member of the Next Generation Council.

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