Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: A Perfect Ending

On Friday, the adventure campers headed to the St. Sauveur water park to enjoy a sunny day sliding and splashing!

Guides got ready and headed out for their last boating session of the week. They do enjoy the Rabaska (giant canoe) and I enjoy hearing all the wonderful voices singing in unison as they paddle along.



Wee campers (Sparks, young Brownies and their Moms) arrived today for the weekend “Wee” camp. They were all very excited and happy to jump in and do their swim and boat test on such a hot and sunny day. They were so quick that they even had leftover time for free swim.


After a late supper, they got to share a campfire with the Guides. who made them feel very welcome.

Saturday early morning brought another beautiful view to my sleepy eyes as I walked down to open waterfront for morning dip. Despite the cool temperatures, everyone had smiles on as they came to dip. Saturday also meant swimming and boating for the Wee campers and their Moms. Everyone enjoyed being on or in the water on a hot sunny day.



In the afternoon,  the Wee campers did their Camp Tour challenge. It was a lot of walking but with games to play along the way and snack breaks, it was great fun for the young ones and their Moms to get to know the camp.

For lunch, the Guide and Adventure campers roasted hot dogs and then off to the parking lot they went to meet their families. It always makes me chuckle to see them say hi to Mom or Dad and then turn back to their camp friends to chatter about all they have done and how they can keep in touch.

The Wee camp made mini pizzas for lunch and learned how to use buddy burners.


Supper brought the challenge of eating dinner with a strange utensil. The Sparks and
Brownies really enjoyed it!

Sunday was another misty morning dip for the little ones and their Moms but a few
troopers did it. Some campers even slept out under the beautiful starry sky to earn their
Sleep Under the Stars challenge crest.


As we pack up and close up the tents at the end of another summer season, there are many friends to say goodbye to. The planning takes so long and the event passes so quickly as with all good things that offer us memories, friendships, fun and adventure. Goodbye and thank you to all the campers who came to share their summer days with us. Until next year…

Super Eagle signing off,


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