Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Goodbye Sparks and Brownies!


This morning was misty again. One can never get too much of this beautiful view and peacefulness.

The brave Sparks and Brownies were the first to come and morning dip. The beach was then quiet and peaceful until 9 am and when the set-up began for the Sparks, Brownies and Guides to participate in some water fun and games (regatta) while the Pathfinders challenged themselves to the life jacket swim from Blueberry Island.

Once the teams were made and the stations were ready, the games began! After playing a selection of carnival games which were paid for with gold rocks found in the shallow end of the lake, the girls won supplies to build a raft. They were rewarded with a freezie for snack and got to build their raft. The team captains took the rafts out to water, boarded them and raced off. Congratulations to this week’s winners: Rainbow and her team!


Congrats as well to all the Pathfinders that accomplished their Blueberry Island lifejacket swim!


Lunch on the Spark and Brownie site was an easy cleanup – hot dogs roasted in milk cartons. Want to know how it’s done? First, you wrap your hot dog in foil, with whatever toppings you like, then put a little paper in the bottom of the milk carton, slide the wrapped hot dog in and add more paper on top. To cook it, you need to light the milk carton with a match and watch it burn. Once the whole carton and all the paper burn away your toasted hot dogs are ready to eat!

We had to say a sad goodbye to out Spark and Brownie friends this afternoon. Thank you for coming and building memories! Parents arrived in the parking lot to pick up their excited campers as the Guides and Pathfinders moved on to their next activity: the short lake swim. It was another successful event for everyone who swam it. 

As I sit here and write the blog, my favorite sounds come down the road from the campsites: voices of all ages enjoying their campfires and singing wonderful familiar songs.

Super Eagle signing off,


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