Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Adventure Time!

Guides began their day with some girls heading off to morning dip and then a wonderful breakfast of baked french toast and fruit. A special guest, Heather,  came to show them how to make shelters. She also visited the Sparks and Brownies to help them learn how to keep things in order so they are easy to pack up. Thanks Heather for helping out today!


Adventure campers were offsite with their out-trip to “Via Ferratta du Diablo” in Mont Tremblant. It involved climbing a preset rock face course with cables and steel rods permanently fixed to the rocks. It took a lot of upper body strength, concentration and facing any fear of heights they may have had.

Adventure (1).jpg

We started with a small hike and lunch on the trail since we arrived early. Then it was off to the ladder to climb up to the suspension bridge. Over the bridge, we worked on a small test on a rock face with the technical explanations of the different set-ups on the course. We climbed upwards and took a water break on a ledge. The girls all gave the view a thumbs up and were smiling as they reached around the corner.  It was a fantastic day and challenge for these ladies. Well done everyone!


Waterfront was busy with swimming and boating and even some mini fire building by the Brownies.


Then, it was time for central campfire. The adventure campers were not able to make it back in time, but the Guides, Brownies, Sparks and wonderful volunteers enjoyed singing some songs lead by Pip and Eeyore.


Super Eagle signing off after another busy day,



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