Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Week 2 Ends and Week 3 Begins

Friday to Sunday:

I was lucky enough to be visiting the Brownie site at lunch when one of the campers read the story that her Stepdad had written to her aloud to share it with the whole site. He is a journalist and writes stories for her:

Dear Camper,

Once upon a time, there was a little girl away at camp. In the night, the ingredients for s’mores became attached to her body. She had the power to shoot marshmallow webs, graham cracker force fields and chocolate rockets. She was now Smoregirl, the new hero of campers everywhere. Whenever young campers needed help, Smoregirl was there with a supply of delicious goodness at hand. She also battled young campers’ greatest enemies – Mothman, Bearzilla and Bugsy. Smoregirl quickly became the most popular camper, but no one knew her true identity, you. And no one could know, it was a secret!

What an uplifting wonderful story from home! Great writing! Thank you for sharing!

The Pathfinders were up in the dark and hiking the trail to the Bluff on Friday morning so that they could enjoy the sunrise from the top. It’s always a treat even with a little morning cloud.


Guides slept out under the stars on Friday night. They were able to enjoy the beautiful night sky as they fell asleep on the upper deck at waterfront. Before they came down the chatter and excitement level could be heard from down below. I reminded them that the Brownies were asleep and they all did a great job tiptoeing down to their beds and settling in for the night.

At departue, campers were excited to see their families and sad to say goodbye to their friends. Until next year campers — thank goodness for social media!

Arrival day on Sunday brought car loads of new and returning campers for another great week. The sun was shining and it was hot! We were able to get all of the campers boat tested, so they are ready for boating today.


A delicious BBQ was enjoyed by everyone together outside Stavert and ice cream sandwiches for dessert were welcomed on a warm evening. As I was finishing up the day’s business side of things, I could hear the voices of the Sparks and Brownies singing at their campfire. A perfect end to a perfect day!


Super Eagle signing off,


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