Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: the Long Lake Challenge – Conquered

Thursday began with sunshine and a paddle to Blueberry Island for the Guides.


After putting the canoes in the water, they were off.  I hiked down to Mic Mac to wave hello from the shore and take a few more pics as they passed by.



They all returned with smiles and full of chatter. It was hot but the dip at Blueberry Island cooled everyone off. This is always a favorite for the Guides.

While the Guides were away, I borrowed their site because they have good signal for data there and it is nice and peaceful.  A little fellow looking for scraps interrupted my quiet.


Poor little guy, I think he was confused as he wanted to jump down from the top of the cupboard and visit but everywhere he turned was too high. He left back the way he came.

I am not sure, but I think from the evidence on the table, some girls have been busy painting.


Brownies came down to the waterfront for boating after lunch but that was withheld because of thunder. We had 45 minutes of thunder in the distance but no rain. A visit to the candy store (tuck) and some games on the deck passed the time.


Once again, we thought the Long Lake Swim Challenge would have to be cancelled but the thunder rolled out, Guides got some swim time and then it was time for the Challenge. All the girls attempted it and did a great job! It is hard to swim it wearing a life jacket and is certainly more tiring. There is always next year to try again.

One Ranger, who has asked to do it every year since she was a Pathfinder, was finally given the okay to try it this year. Everyone was so proud of her and no one more than herself .  It was a struggle but with support, strength and her upbeat attitude, she did it! She had a wonderful smile half way when she touched the boat and a bigger smile at the end.


Congrats, a well deserved crest to finish off that circle!

Pathfinders and Rangers treated us to central campfire tonight and it was wonderful as usual.


Central with campfire and songs have to be everyone’s favorite part of camp.















We all enjoyed the songs and I am improving on “Eddie” believe it or not.


After central campfire the Pathfinders and Rangers climbed the hill to Algonquin to have their own fire with a S’more challenge.


Just a look at the ingredients gives memories of great fun at camp. I wonder if this crazy fun gang was able to sleep last night?


Another wonderful day at Wa-Thik-Ane and we enjoy her view from central as we say good night.


Super Eagle singing off,



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1 Response to Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: the Long Lake Challenge – Conquered

  1. Bita says:

    Thank you to everyone who was involved during the week. My daughter Mariana had a blast. Today when we picked her up she was happy and emotional and she forgot her backpack (blue and purple with a koala) and her black and pink sweater. They were left in the pick up area. Please contact us if anybody found them. Thank you very much.

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