Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: Glorious sunshine after the fog

The view from the lakeside was certainly a different one at morning dip yesterday. There was a heavy fog.


One of the local ducks was even confused as he flew in, landed just next to our morning dippers and then realized we weren’t his family and flew off with a quack! It was beautiful as the sun started to burn the fog off.


Wa-Thik-Ane not only creates so many wonderful friendships and memories, but also provides many picturesque views.

Breakfast at the Guides site brought the chopstick challenge to the campers. You had to eat as many pieces as you could in 10 seconds.




We had a happy camper who certainly had some chopstick skills. Well done ladies a fun one to watch.

Today was the Blueberry Island life jacket swim for our second ever group of participants. They waited patiently on the rocks at the waters edge to receive the green light to go and then they were in the water and on their way.


It didn’t take very long to turn around and hear a cheer from the swimmers, happy to see how far they had swam already.


Everyone did a great job, some were very tired, but they all rose to the challenge and should be proud of themselves.


Guides celebrated a birthday today with a camper turning 10!


We have such creative volunteers on the sites; they can turn any dessert into a birthday cake. This lucky lady had a rice krispie cake.


The Brownies were busy with some wonderful crafts; they made gorgeous dragonflies for their hats.


Their day was brought to a close with a campfire, some songs and banana boats. Yum!


Today was a great day with lots of sunshine and hot temperatures, something we have not seen a lot of this summer so we are thankful to those wonderful weather gods.

Hoping we have more of that lovely weather for Regatta tomorrow.

Super Eagle signing off,


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