Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: Kit Kat and Canoes!

Week 2 !!

Monday started a little gloomy but the rain treated us well with just a few showers and then a sunny afternoon for swimming.


Brownies had a beautiful hour on the water in the war canoe today with just enough cloud cover to give them shade.


It is beautiful to watch them from shore as they carve a path in the water.

Swim test and boat test are part of the way we keep the campers safe by checking their ability in the water. Today, everyone succeeded at their boat test and swim test, so waterfront will be busy.




One camper makes it look so easy as she floats on her back in recovery position with her eyes shut enjoying the minute!


The first challenge swim happened this afternoon with campers from every site jumping in to challenge themselves to the boat swim. It takes a good number of volunteers to suit up in life jackets and make the pathway for the swim so if they are tired someone is nearby to give them a 10 second rest. Once we are in bobbing in our life jackets they are off!



It was a special day with Kit Kat our lifeguard turning 22 years of age! She was surprised as all the campers were down on waterfront and on the secret code word, we all began to sing “Happy Birthday” as they handed her a giant Kit Kat bar with a candle! Hope you found some time to celebrate tonight Kit Kat!


Pathfinders ended the day by eating a meal with their hands tied behind their backs. A challenge I think they really enjoyed, especially with tonight’s dessert being millefeuille!


Who doesn’t like a little whipped cream on her face?



Super Eagle signing off,



IMG_0579 - CopyIMG_0581

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