Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: Week 1 ends and Week 2 begins

Friday morning started with the last of the gang completing their Morning Dip Challenge – the 3rd dip of the week.

After breakfast, Guides were challenged to a scavenger hunt with camp skills training. Some challenges included, compass skills with string at one station and boat building with Lego at another.


The evening hours brought making fire starters with Granny Owl and a short lesson on the safe way to use a propane stove.



Pathfinders were busy making light-sabers and then challenging each other to a dual during swim time.




Some girls had the chance to see our resident deer and her two fawns. I was lucky enough to share some time with her in the parking lot on Friday night.


Saturday morning brought the chatter of everyone packing up for home. It was time to start moving the luggage. One last yummy meal together with our picnic lunch and then it was time to say hello to the family members and goodbye to the camp friends.

Sunday brought the arrival of week #2 campers. The balance of the morning was spent settling into our tents and going over site management and safety.

Afternoon brought a session of dry dock training for each site so that we are all ready for boating tomorrow morning after a few boat tests.


As usual, we all shared a meal together with a central BBQ and the weather gods were very kind to us; allowing the sun to shine down and let those rain clouds move on to another area.


Super Eagle Signing off,





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1 Response to Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: Week 1 ends and Week 2 begins

  1. Aditi patel says:

    Hope fully all the girls adjusted who came this Sunday my daughter is one of them Prachi patel

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