Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: On the Shores of Lac Bouchette

The day started off a little gray but the sun did wake up and decided to join us for a beautiful day. The guides paddled to Blueberry Island for a swim and then paddled back — an outing they always look forward to. The Brownies have been enjoying the waterfront as well. The bravest have been doing morning dip and everyone has been swimming and boating.



Some of the Brownies chose to attempt a special challenge and had their best sleep yet last night under the stars! They also went on a morning hike to the bluff and were rewarded with an amazing view.



The Pirates (Guides) on Iroquois had a tasty treat: watermelon ships on a warm and sunny afternoon. Wonderful sculpting ladies!


The lake welcomed the Pathfinders in the afternoon for the long lake swim. It’s a tough challenge for many of the girls — a kilometer swim, not easy to do in a lake. All the campers should be proud of what they accomplished!

The evening hours brought the sound of voices singing from central campfire. This is always one of my favorite events, when all the sites get together and our wonderful waterfront team leads us in a fantastic campfire.


At the end of the day, we all love looking out over the lake and appreciating its peacefulness! It is amazing to think about how the shores of Wa-Thik-Ane bring so much laughter and so many challenges, good times and memories. Good night Wa-Thik-Ane shoreline, until tomorrow morning.


Super Eagle signing off,



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