Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane 2017: Regatta Day!

The sound of rain pitter pattering on the tents and the cool temperature were not good signs to wake up to on Regatta day — a day of water and land activities. But have no fear! We have the best waterfront team around. Pip and I met and decided that the water games could be moved to land without causing any extra work.

So, after morning dip and breakfast, we all gathered at the waterfront for the beginning of the Regatta. While young campers were placed in teams and learned the rules, campers-in-charge were given their stations.  Each team received 5 gold rocks to play different games of their choice. Each game had a prize that you would win – supplies to later build your raft! “Who is going to pilot the raft?”, you ask. Well, a voluntold leader of course! Teams that ran out of rocks could go to Super Eagle’s garden where the gold rocks grow and find the hidden ones!



Once found, they were theirs to claim but each team member only got 10 seconds to find as many as she could.


It took some convincing to find pilots for the rafts that the teams successfully built, but they were manned in the end and an exciting race was held! Congrats to all the participants for playing, smiling, laughing and building some great rafts!


We had visitors at camp today: our new Québec Provincial Commissioner, RoseAnna Cirino, and her lovely travel mate and past Provincial Commissioner, Joanne Millette. What excitement when you meet them in person; not only do you get to say hello but you get the Provincial Commissioner’s crest for your blanket and we all know Guiding has a lot of crest collectors.


After lunch, the sun decided to come out and join us for the Short Lake Swim Challenge for Guide-aged girls and up. It was a great swim and all who jumped in successfully completed it to earn their crest.

We got a few campfires going before the evening rain as another wonderful day came to a close on the shores of Wa-Thik-Ane. Then, we snuggle in for a good night’s sleep with the sound of rain pattering once again on the tents.


Super Eagle signing off,


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