Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: Blueberry Island Swim Challenge

The sun came out and with it lots of waterfront time, with smiles all around the camp!

The music started pumping from Food Services mid morning as they got cooking! It just goes to show the spirit of this place hits each and every one of us. My food queens have some good boogie moves and lyrics!


This morning brought the start of the new challenge added to our list of crests today – boat to Blueberry Island and swim back from the island in a life jacket to the camp docks.


This is a Pathfinder level swim only, as it is tough to swim in a life jacket and it is a good distance. We are going to try and track the approximate distance tomorrow.  It is a fun swim for the girls as they bob along with easy strokes. We have a few mandatory water breaks with their water bottles accessible in the canoe.


The girls were very excited to be the voyageurs on this new venture and completed it in 45 minutes. Great job ladies!

While the Pathfinders were swimming, the Brownies kept very busy with their scavenger hunt; hunting down their clue to find out where to go next.



We enjoyed lunch and then the rescheduled boat swim, which had to be cancelled yesterday because of heavy rain. The Brownies and Guides who wanted to attempt the boat swim challenge jumped in and all successfully completed it.  It was a great day at waterfront topped off with a delicious campfire hobo meal.

As I sit here late in the evening writing today’s blog, listening to the rain pour down, I am very grateful for the dry sunny day we had today.

Sleep well campers, tomorrow is Regatta!

Super Eagle signing off.


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