Days of Summer at Wa-Thik-Ane: The Crocodile Dip

Our day began early for those who were up for the challenge of an early dip! The morning “Crocodile Dip” happens at 7 am and it is a great way to wake up. Girls get wet up to their shoulders in the lake and then quickly get out. It’s a fun way to earn a challenge crest if it is done 3 mornings while at camp.

We have a few energetic Pathfinders who are at the top of waterfront waiting before we even opened at 7 – it was great to see!


Our pirates shared a special dessert with me; thanks for the blue jello ship…mmmmmnnn!


Waterfront is always the busiest place at camp, and even when the skies grey over and shower us, that fact doesn’t change. Dry dock, where the girls learn to handle the paddles and do different basic strokes, was even a little wet at times yesterday (contrary to its name).

I received a question over the walkie Talkie:  “Can the girls go in for their swim time even if it is raining?” Of course they can, as long as there is no thunder or lightening! I am not sure if that was the anticipated answer, but the girls certainly enjoyed themselves!


Thank you to my amazing waterfront staff, Pip (Michelle), Scooby (Daphne), Eeyore (Madison) and Kit Kat (Christy), who do so much to make summer camp happen and stand in the rain without complaint, guarding our wonderful campers.

Even birthdays can be celebrated at camp. We have no candles but you can blow out the BBQ lighter. Happy birthday Maiya!


Super Eagle signing off!


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